Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Start- Episode 23

Grey: Who wants to see my HOM Room?

Kathy: Wow, this is awesome! Now, read your letter!

Grey: (reads his letter) Dear Grey,

Congrats on winning HOM again! Your doing great, just hang in there! And wow, I would never have imagined that you would have made it to the final 3! That's absolutely terrific! Well, just hang in there, buddy, and your sure to come out as the winner!

Turner (aka your creator! :D)

*Day 62*

Stephan: Oh honey, you made me what to get marry right now if we weren't still stuck in this house!

Ruby: Stephan, what are we gonna do?

Stephan: What do you mean?

Ruby: We have to convince Grey to ___ ___ _____! If we don't, then we will get in some heck of trouble! Now, the worst possible situation as of right now happen last night, we gotta work harder to make us stay in the game!

Stephan: Well, I got an idea!

Ruby: Last night was the worst possible situation that happen in the house! Now, I gotta be sure that I don't get in an even worst situation!

Ruby: Look, we need to talk to you!

Stephan: We think _____ is playing ___ ____! (He/She) told us that (he/she) is _______ you!

Grey: What the? Do you swear on your creator that is true?

Stephan: Yes, I swear this is true!

Grey: Oh my lord! That changes things a lot! However, this will make _________ much more easier!

Stephan: Well, our plan has worked! And the best part is that it is true!

Grey: Hello, this is the nominations ceremony! I have to pick two out of three great people to nominate is extremely hard for me, and trust me, I had a hard time thinking about this. But, please remember, this is just a game, and I'm trying to advance myself the most that I can in this game. So, that being said, I hope you respect my decisions, as you are all great people, and I have chosen to nominate.........

Kathy, for mummification, because I think you are a great competitor, and you have had a great social game, so you could possibly get more votes than me when it comes down to it. I have also to nominate.........

Ruby for mummification, because you too are a great competitor, and have won more challenges than I, so I find you to be a huge threat to me. Remember, these nominations won't change, and Stephan will be the only person voting this week! So, if you wanna stay, convince Stephan for your vote! This ceremony is adjourned!

Kathy: I cannot believe I am nominated for mummification! I think I got a way in order to make me stay, but I do not know if that will work or not!

Ruby: Yes, me, and Stephan were able to convince Grey to ____ __ ______! Now, we are just waiting for Day __ to come!

Grey: I nominated Kathy because of what Stephan, and Ruby told me! Unless something crazy goes on in the house, I think I know what will happen on Day __!

Ruby: We did it, Stephan!

Stephan: Because of that, we should do a little bit of this:

*Stephan, and Ruby makes out*

Ruby: I got a question!

Stephan: Yeah?

Ruby: Don't you think it is time for us to do it?

Stephan: Um........

*Stay tune for Episode 24*

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