Monday, April 18, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Start- Episode 24

Ruby: So do you?

Stephan: Look, I believe in woohooing after marriage! I do not want girls to be getting pregnant thanks to me! That is just bad, and who knows what problems we will have?

Ruby: Well, I am not gonna mad at you for that! I see your point! We will just have to wait until the day when we truly love each other, and get married to each other!

*Day 64*

Kathy: Well, here goes nothing! I just absolutely hope this will work!

Kathy: As of right now, I absolutely have to pull a big move in order for me to stay! I am not sure if it will work or not, but I have to take a chance!

Kathy: Hey there, cutie! You are the cutest boy I have ever seen!

Stephan: Are you trying to flirt with me? If so, it isn't working!

Kathy: But we have so much chemistry!

Stephan: Sorry, but I am in love with Ruby!

Ruby: Are you trying to break us up?

Kathy: Yes I am!

Ruby: I get it now! You are trying to break us up so that you can get a spot in the final 3! Well, that idea turned out to be a fail! YOU NEVER EVER FLIRT WITH MY MAN AGAIN! DO YOU GOT THAT?

Kathy: I got it!

Ruby: That Kathy girl is making herself a target! She is basically digging her own grave!

Nocturne: We are live on Day 66! It is time to talk to the other houseguests!

Nocturne: First of all, Grey, congrats on winning the next Head of Mummification! How difficult was it to nominate two people in the most important nominations ceremony?

Grey: It was very difficult for me to do that! Not only I am decided two nominees, but I am decided the person who votes!

Nocturne: Ruby, because you open the Room of Decisions, you lock yourself in there while Santa visited the house, and give someone 10,000 dollars! How did you felt then?

Ruby: It feels terrible!

Nocturne: Stephan, you won 10,000 dollars! How awesome was that?

Stephan: It was awesome! It will basically be a back-up plan in case I come in 3rd place!

Nocturne: Kathy, you got into a very heated argument this week! Anything else you would like to say about it?

Kathy: Yes, I am sorry about it, and I hope you guys forgive me for that!

Nocturne: Okay, it is time for the live vote, but before Stephan votes I ask the two nominees to make a plead speech to Stephan! Remember, what you say may convince Stephan to change his vote! Ruby, you are up first!

Ruby: Stephan, I freaking love you! I can not wait until the wedding! However, if you decided to vote for me, I may have to cancel the wedding! I do not know if you would do something that crazy, but I pretty sure you won't!

Nocturne: Okay, Kathy, it is your turn!

Kathy: I am really sorry for happen 2 days ago! However I am sure what you are gonna do, and I take no offense for it!

Nocturne: Stephan, it is time for you to vote! Remember, after Stephan casts his vote, the soon-to-be mummy shall have a few moments to talk to their houseguests, and start their mummification! Stephan, it is time!

Stephan: I vote to mummify Kathy because she's one of the most competitive people in this game and i dont want to face her in the final 3!

Nocturne: Kathy, it's official! Please head to the Cursed Sarcophagus of Kings in order to start your mummification!

Kathy: Guys, good luck to everyone! I have learn a lot about myself in this game! In my opinion, you all deserve to win! Grey for being the last person from the original A.T.W.B.T.W. alliance, Ruby for your strength in competitions, and Stephan from not receiving a single nomination! Good luck!

Kathy: Here goes nothing!

*Stay tune for Episode 25*

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