Friday, April 1, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Start- Episode 19

Ruby: So, Kathy, you are on your side, right?

Kathy: Yeah, of course I am!

Kathy: As of right now, I am currently playing the ______ alliance, and having a loyal alliance with ______, and ____! I will feel I will be in a better position if I were them instead the ______ alliance!

Stephan: Now, that we are not together, we gotta be sure that.....

Nocturne: Stephan, please go to the diary room!

Stephan: Well, BBL!

Kathy: Can I be honest with you?

Ruby: Yeah?

Kathy: If I could go to the end with anyone, I want it to be ___! ______ has been controlling this game ever since the Merge! (He/She) _________ Kelly on Week 5, (He/She) has something to do with Mark's mummification on Week 6, and (he/she) just now __________ Kellan! Plus, ______, and ____ won't even make it to the end!

Ruby: Why thank you?

*Day 53*

Grey: Oh, The Room of Decisons, let's see what it says:

This is the room of decisions e-mail! Here, your sim can enter this room to do two things: a good consequence, and a bad consequence! However, you can ultimately decide not to open it!

As Head of Mummification, this is your sim's decision to make:

Usually, the current H.O.M. is not allowed to compete for the next H.O.M. competition! However, if you enter the Room of Decisions, things are about to change! You will be allow to compete in the next H.O.M. competition no matter what! However, if you win the next H.O.M. competition, you will not allow to compete in the H.O.M. competition after that!

Remember, when something good happens, something bad will happen!

Grey: God, I don't know! I want as much as Head of Mummifications as possible, but I do not want something bad! I'm just not sure! Who knows what bad things will happen? What if I got a penalty nomination? What if I was trap in this room until the H.O.M. competition? What if I have to shave my head? OMG, after imagining all the bad things that can happen, I think I am not gonna open it! I may make a stupid move, but I want nothing bad to happen!

Morgan: Grey, did you went inside the Room of Decisions?

Grey: No!

Kathy: Why not?

Grey: I want nothing bad to happen!

Stephan: What was the Room of Decisions saying you can do if you enter it?

Grey: It says I can compete in the next H.O.M. competition if I enter it!

Ruby: When Grey said he didn't open the Room of Decisions which allow him to compete the next H.O.M. competition, I think he is a very poor decision! If he gets mummified next week, all I am gonna say is you should of open the Room of Decisions!

Ruby: Sorry, but in my opinion, that is just a dumb move!

Grey: It may be, but it is worth it in the end!

Stephan: Dude, Grey, we are coming down to the point where winning H.O.M. is more important than ever! And you decided not to compete! That is like throwing a competition, but 10 times worst!

Noctune: Hello, everyone, we are live on Day 54! It is now time for to interview Kellan! So, Kellan, according to your houseguests, you were the first person "blindslided" on this show! Why did you think you were blindslided?

Kellan: Ha absolutely no clue but I was sort of expecting it! Most people get along with Ruby in the house so I knew I just didn't have the votes this time.

Nocturne: As of today, you have been the most nominated person in the house with 3 nominations so far in this game! Why did you think you were nominated so much?

Kellan: I'm guessing the reason for my multiple nominations was because I wasn't really participating in the game as much as I should have. I was just too busy to really get involved and get to know everyone, which is a big regret. But in a way, voting me out was really stupid because if someone had taken me to the final 2, they would have won hands down because I pose no threat. Ah well, I guess it just proves that we don't have many strategic players in this game.
Nocturne: The two people who blindslided you are _______, and _____! Are you surprised about this?

Kellan: I know that _______ has nominated me previously so that wasn't such a surprise that (he/she) wanted me gone, but I was in an alliance with _____ so I think I'll let karma do the talking.

Nocturne: Okay, you will be part of the mummy jury! Please head back inside, and observe! Up next, the H.O.M. competition! Who will win? Find out after an exclusive trailer of Tron 3! Stay with us!

Nocturne: Too bad it was an APRIL FOOLS JOKE! That is just a fake trailer we found on youtube! Though if you really want some Tron, Tron Legacy will be out on DVD soon! Anyways, this competition is called "Musical Chairs: Cow Edition!" Every single competitor is wearing a cow mask! They cannot see a single thing with their mask! You would soon play a game of musical chairs! However, there is an equal amount of chairs, and players in this game! The majority of the chairs has a cow pattern in it! One does not! After the music stops playing, the one person not on the cow pattern chair will be eliminated! The last person standing will be Head of Mummification! The competition begins now!

*Music plays, and then stops*

Nocturne: Time to get a seat!

Nocturne: Sorry, Kathy, but you didn't sit in the Cow Pattern Chair! You have been eliminated!

Kathy: Dang it!

Nocturne: Okay, round 2 begins now!

*Music starts playing, and then ends playing*

Nocturne: Okay, time to take seats!

Nocturne: Sorry, Stephan, but you didn't sit in the Cow Pattern Chair! You have been eliminated!

Stephan: Oh well!

Nocturne: Okay, round 3 begins now!

*Music starts playing, and then ends playing*

Nocturne: Okay, time to take seats!

Nocturne: Well, it seems like Ruby is the new Head of Mummification! Congrats!

Ruby: Yay!

*Stay tune for Episode 20*

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