Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Start- Episode 21

Grey: I was shock that I was not nominated! I think that something unusual is going on, so I have to talk to Ruby!

Grey: Hey Ruby, I am just curious! Why did you nominate Morgan, and Kathy?

Ruby: I believe ______ is the biggest threat left in the game! She almost won Head of Mummification 3 times, she is the most athletic person in this house, and I am not sure who is she gonna nominate!

Grey: What about _____?

Ruby: Because I think _____ would have been the best pawn for my nominations!

Grey: So, you basically want ______ gone, right?

Ruby: Yes!

Grey: I just wanna talk you about the two nominees! Now, I must head off to bed! A hasta la vista!

*Day 56*

Grey: Hey Morgan, I think you may wanna talk to Ruby, and Stephan!

Morgan: Why?

Grey: Because they said that they want you to become a _____!

Morgan: Oh my! I better get to the H.O.M. room!

Morgan: Look, just for the record, I am on your side no matter what!

Ruby: Well, you should thought about it before you decided to ditch us last week to be on Grey's side!

Morgan: Well, um....

Stephan: Look, I know what you are up to! You are just saying what we wanna hear just so that you can be safe this week! Well, here is the honest truth! You are gonna become a _____ this week! You are the biggest ______ in this house! You are extremely athletic, we do not know what is going on inside your head, and you almost won H.O.M. three times throughout this season! It is time for you to become a _____ this week!

Morgan: (while crying) I have work so hard just to get to this point in the game! I do not want Day 59 to come! There is no use of trying to get votes! I know I am gonna become a _____ no matter what!

Morgan: I absolutely feel like I have to paint the best picture in the world for a long time now, and I suddenly have to stop painting it! It sucks right now! I think I am gonna have to accept my faint soon!

Nocturne: We are live on Day 59! Tonight one person is about to be cut from reaching the final 4, where the most important nominations ceremony takes place! But first, it is time to talk to the houseguests!

Nocturne: So, Ruby, you are the first person to win H.O.M. twice! How does it feel?

Ruby: It feels a honor! Since, we are getting so close to the end, I kinda get rid of people who may be a challenge to get to the end!

Nocturne: Stephan, as of this date, you are the only houseguest to not be nominated for mummification!

*everyone claps*

Nocturne: Why do you think you never been nominated before?

Stephan: Well, in my opinion, I usually get along with everyone! Plus, I am not the best competitor in this game, so that is the reason why I never been nominated before!

Nocturne: Well, speaking of nominations, it is time for one of the nominees to start their mummification! But before they do, they each have a chance to say some goodbyes in the house! And Morgan, you are up first!

Morgan: Well, it has been a fun time knowing everyone, but when it is time for me to go, it is time for me to go! I know who is going to become a mummy this week, and I have accepted that person's faint!

Nocturne: Okay Kathy, your turn!

Kathy: I have a blast with you guys! Ruby, and Stephan, I hope your wedding will go perfect! Grey, you are a very unique person in this house! Morgan, sorry if you get mummified this week, but you never know!

Nocturne: Okay, once I say the results, the person who is mummified this week will only have a couple moments to talk to the other houseguests, and start their mummification! By an unanimous vote,

Nocturne: Morgan, sorry, but it is time for you to start your mummification!

Morgan: Goodbye everyone!

Morgan: Gosh, this is heavy!

*Stay tune for Episode 22*

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