Friday, April 22, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Start- Episode 25

*live on Day 68*

Nocturne: Kathy, please have a seat to your right!

Nocturne: You tried to break up Ruby, and Stephan up this week, but you failed! How did you felt when you fail?

Kathy: Truly, I really didn't care. Now I see that I should have let them be. Oh well I guess. Well see who is with who in the end.

Nocturne: Let's say that you were in the final 3, and you won Head of Mummification! Who would take to the final 2 with you?

Kathy: If I was in the final three and I won H.O.M. I would take Grey with me.

Nocturne: Throughout this season, what did you thought was your best strategic move?

Kathy: Throughout this season I think my best move was to make a alliance with Kelly and Kellan in the beginning, I guessed it worked out for a while.

Nocturne: Without revealing who you wanna vote for, who do you think will win this season?

Kathy: Personally, I think either Stephan or Grey will win the season, there both playing the game very cleverly.

Nocturne: Well, soon, you will make an important decision by voting for who wanna win this season! So, head back inside, and see is gonna win the next HOM competition! Up next, the final, and most important HOM competition will be played soon! Will Stephan, the only person who hasn't been nominated yet, Ruby, the last girl in the game who hasn't been mummified yet, or Grey, the last person from the original A.T.W.B.T.W. alliance, will win this Head of Mummification? Stay tune to find out after the commercial!

Nocturne: Welcome back to the final H.O.M. competition! This is the most important H.O.M. competition yet! If you win this, then you will be guarantee to go to the final 2, and you will make a sole vote to mummify someone! This competition is so important that we have to slipt this quiz up into 3 parts! Everyone will compete for Part 1! The winner of Part 1 shall move on to the Part 3! The people who lose Part 1 will compete in Part 2! The winner of Part 2 shall face off the winner of Part 1 in Part 3! Grey is allowed to compete due to the importance of this competition! This competition is called "Delivering the Answers"! We will start this competition with a question! The answer will be the names of two mummified contestants! To answer the question, you must go the hay stack in front of you, and search for the names of the two mummified houseguests! You must then race back, and put the two names of the opposite ends of the table in the left of you! Whoever answers the question first correctly will win Part 1 of this competition! However, if you got the question wrong, you will be eliminated from this competition! Are you ready?

Contestants: Yeah!

Nocturne: The question is during the top 9, who were the two nominees after the Veto Ability has been used? The competition begins now!

*Ruby founded the 2 names of the people, and heads back to the table*

Nocturne: That is correct, Ruby! You are moving on Part 3 of the competition! Now, Grey, and Stephan, please go to the Black and White room to begin Part 2!

Quiz Scores:

Ruby- 11 (9 plus 2 extra points)

Stephan- 8

Grey- 2

Nocturne: This is Part 2 in the final H.O.M. competition! The winner of this competition will face off with Ruby in Part 3! This competition is called "Can you guess the body?" As soon as the competition begins, you must turn on your computer! You will then see 3 mummified contestants when they were human on the computers! Their bodies has been censored! Your goal is to correctly guess all 3 bodies of the mummified contestants through their body shape on the computer! If you guess the body wrong, then you must redo that body! The first person to correctly guess all 3 bodies will win Part 2! Is everyone clear?

Stephan/Grey: Yes!

Nocturne: The competition begins now!

Nocturne: While Stephan and Grey are working on Party 2 of the competition, let's reveal the answers to the viewers! The answer to this one is Linda!

Nocturne: The answer to this one is Mark!

Nocturne: The correct answer for this is Kathy!

*2 minutes later*

*Ding Dong, Ding Dong, Ding Dong*

Nocturne: Congrats Stephan, you guessed all the bodies! You will be facing off with Ruby in Part 3! Please head back to the backyard where Ruby will wait for you!

Stephan: YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

Quiz Scores:
Stephan- 4
Grey- 1

Nocturne: Welcome to Part 3! Stephan and Ruby as winners of the previous parts you will be competing for this! Grey cannot compete for this competition due to the fact he lost the last 2 parts! This competition is called "Answering the Risky Questions"! As soon as the competition began, born of you must immediately rang his or her bell! The person who rangs their bell first must answer 3 questions! If he or she can answer all 3 questions correctly, then he or she will become the next Head of Mummification! However, if he or she gets the question wrong, then he or she will be eliminated, and the person who didn't rang will become the next HOM! Got it?

Ruby/Stephan: Got it!

Nocturne: Also, just for the record, you will not know the questions until someone rang their bell! Now, the competition begins now!

*Stephan rings his bell first*

Nocturne: Okay, Stephan! Name the only contestant to be mummified by an unanimous vote!

Stephan: Morgan?

Nocturne: Correct! Now, as of yesterday, which contestant has the most nominations through out this season?

Stephan: Um, Kellan?

Nocturne: Correct! Now, in Violet's final plead speech, who did Violet call the devil inside?

Stephan: Um, Grey?

Nocturne: Sorry Stephan, the correct answer is Morgan! This means Ruby is the final, and most important H.O.M. in this season!


Nocturne: Now, I need everyone to go to the living room! Okay!

Quiz Scores:
Ruby: 10 (9 points plus one extra point)
Stephan: 7 (6 points plus one extra point)

Nocturne: Welcome the final voting ceremony! Ruby will be the only voter in this ceremony! Before Ruby casts her vote, I need the two nominees to stand up, and give one final plead speech please! Stephan, you are up first!

Stephan: Ruby, I highly doubt you would consider voting for me! I keep you safe from mummification two days ago, and I hope you keep me safe this week! But if you are consider to vote for me to become a mummy, it is your choice, and I hope you accept if you win, or lose because that!

Nocturne: Okay, it your turn Grey!

Grey: Ruby, I know what are you gonna do, and I just want to know I am perfectly okay with it! I thought this day may come, and I just want you to know I was mentally preparing for it to come! That is all I have to say!

Nocturne: This is a reminder to the nominees! After Ruby casts her vote, the soon-to-be-mummy has a few moments to talk to the other houseguests, and become a mummy! Ruby, you are guarantee for the runner-up prize! You are deciding you want to mummify, and you want to be sitting next to when you come to face the mummy jury! This could be a million dollar decision! Are you ready, Ruby?

Ruby: Yes!

Nocturne: Please stand, and cast your vote!

Ruby: I vote for Grey to become a mummy! Sorry!

Nocturne: Grey, it's official! You will become a mummy soon!

Grey: I have learned so much about myself in this game! I am glad to make it this far! I will like to wish luck to both of the final 2 finalists! Make the best person win!

Grey: I can't believe I made it this far, and gotten mummify? Well, there is always another realty show for me? I better get mummified right now!

*Stay tune for Episode 26*

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