Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Start- Finale

*Day 70*

Nocturne: Grey, please have a seat to your left!

Nocturne: Your houseguests said you are kind of shy in the house! Are shy in real life, or are you using that as astrategy in the house?

Grey: Honestly, I am quite reserved in real life. That was my biggest fear, coming in here, that my social game might not be the best. But, I think I pulled it off, seeing as I made two friends in this house, and made an alliance with them- unfortunately, one was a lying back-stabber, and is the reason that I made it this far, and the reason that I'm not going to win the Battle Against Mummification. But, awhile ago, the house guests were asked a question about who the most under-estimated player in the game was. I feel honored that everyone picked me, but unfortunately, I couldn't make it to the end.

Nocturne: In Day 11, you made a diary entry saying "In this game, showmances tend to be eliminated early!" How surprised are you since a showmance from this season made it to the final 2?

Grey: It's not about showmances- it's about alliances!

Nocturne: If you could won the final H.O.M. competition, who would take to the final 2?

Grey: I would took Stephan to the final 2!

Nocturne: Wow! Anyways, please go next door to the mummy jury house, where they are talking about the final 2! Okay?

Grey: Okay!

Grey: First of all, where is Kelly and Violet?

Morgan: Kelly has to leave yesterday due to an "emergency" she has to take care of!

Linda: And Violet went on a hunger strike, and she died from starvation! It is such a sad story!

(I did not receive jury votes from Violet nor Kelly)

Diamond: Anyways, for all you mummies who made it to the merge, I believe Ruby and Stephan is the reason why you are sitting here today!

Morgan: What do you mean?

Diamond: They were HOM when 4 people from the merge gotten mummified! Kellan gotten blindslided thanks to Stephan, and Stephan was the only person voting when Kathy gotten mummified!

Mark: You are so right! However, I do not really see any moves that they made on their own!

Kathy: I think I have some! Stephan's best move was convincing me to change my vote to Kellan when we were in the top 6! Ruby's best move was voting to mummify Grey!

Grey: What do you mean?

Kathy: I mean, if you were in the top 2, then you would of won! And Ruby has to vote to mummify you!

Kellan: I agree with Kathy! Plus, Ruby has won 3 H.O.M. competitions, the most all season!

Mark: But Stephan hasn't receive a single nomination until he reached the final 3!

Linda: Well, I think I better hear their plead speeches! Stephan and Ruby has always been my top people to win! I think their plead speeches determine their vote!

Nocturne: Ruby and Stephan, the time for the jury to vote! But before we do, I would like each of you guys to give a plead speech! And Ruby, give me your plead speech first!

Ruby: Hey everyone, thanks so much for playing with me you've all made this game so much fun and I'm actually sad that its coming to a close. First of all, I think I deserve your votes because I have won HOM more times than anyone in the house, which proves that I'm a strong and dedicated competitor and that I've given my all to win this game. Even though my creator extremely busy I always scan the forums everyday to see what everyones up to and I try to get involved the best I can, it just sucks that my creator always online when you're all asleep haha! This is also the first sims competition I've ever been in a part in so it would be so awesome if I won. But I know that at the end of the day it's all up to you guys in the jury, so consider you're decisions wisely. It's been so much fun playing with you all and I hope this won't be the last competition we will see each other in!

Nocturne: Okay, Stephan, it your turn!

Stephan: Please people vote for me! You know that you like me better than Ruby. I'm sorry for the people who I nominated and who I voted for. Please vote for me or you know you'll regret it.

Nocturne: Okay, jurors, it is time to case your vote! One at a time, you will each cast your vote in the diary room in the mummy jury house! Vote for what they did for the whole season! The first person to vote is Linda!

Ruby: God, I am so nervous!

Stephan: Don't be! We are gonna share the money together!

Ruby: Yeah, I know that! But wouldn't it be cool if I were the first winner of the show?

Stephan: It would be, but it is even coller that we are the first two people that are in the top 2! We got rid of everyone in the Merge so that we can be here!

Nocturne: Well, mummy jurors, your job has been done! I am asking you to go home now, while Ruby and Stephan will find out their fate in 3 days!

Nocturne: Okay, now, everyone, you may go home! Ruby and Stephan, you better get some rest! You got a big day tomorrow!

*Day 71*

Nocturne: Okay, hear how it will work! Behind you, there is a sarcophagus! You must both sleep in the sarcophagus behind! One of you will be mummified, the other one won't! The one who is mummified is the runner-up, and the one who isn't is the winner! Got it?

Ruby and Stephan: Got it!

Nocturne: Now, go ahead, and sleep inside!

*Day 72*

Nocturne: While they are sleeping, I will go ahead, and revealed what the jurors have to say while voting without mentioning any names!

Linda: I was really undecided until I read their plead speeches. They have always been my two favorites to win but ________'s remark "you know you like me better than ______" swayed me to ____'s side. And the purple (violet) hair doesn't hurt, either! lol vote is for ______!

Diamond: I vote for ____ to win because (he/she) was fantastic at winning game!
Mark: I vote for ______ to win because (he/she) is such a great competitor, and (he/she) never was nominated until the (he/she) has gotten to the final 3 because (he/she) is such a nice guy! Good luck ______!
Kellan: I vote for ____ to win because (he/she) was such a good competitor, unlike _______ who seemed to just tag along. (He/She) was always loyal to me, and I wish (him/her) all the best!

Morgan: I vote for ____ to win because (he/she) is a strong competitor, and I think (he/she) deserves to win.

Kathy: I vote for ____ to win because I think that ____ worked the hardest in the game and I think that (he/she) deserves it.

Grey: I vote for ______ to win because even though both finalists had 2 separate alliances, ______'s actually succeeded more so than _____'s, and (his/her) alliance lasted longer.

*Day 73*

Nocturne: Okay, very soon, the winner and runner-up of this season will be announced! Now, I asked both finalists to step out of their sarcophagus! This means the winner is..........

*wait for it*

Nocturne: RUBY, CONGRATS, YOU ARE THE WINNER OF THIS SEASON! Sorry Stephan, but you won 250,00 dollars for being the runner-up! Ruby, you are this show's first millionaire!

Ruby: Yes!

Nocturne: Also, I want to reveal all votes that has happened this season:

1st Voting Ceremony:
Diamond, Grey, and Summer voted for Violet!
The rest voted for Linda!

2nd Voting Ceremony
Kathy, Kellan, Stephan, and Maxx voted for Morgan!
The rest voted for Diamond!

3rd Voting Ceremony:
Mark voted for Kellan!
The rest voted for Violet!

4th Voting Ceremony:
Grey and Mark voted for Kellan
The rest voted for Kelly!

5th Voting Ceremony:
Kellan voted for Grey!
The rest voted for Mark!

6th Voting Ceremony:
Morgan voted for Ruby!
The rest voted for Kellan!

7th Voting Ceremony:
Everyone voted for Morgan!

8th Voting Ceremony:
Stephan voted for Kathy!

9th Voting Ceremony:
Ruby voted for Grey!

Jury Votes:
Grey, and Mark voted for Stephan!
Everyone else voted for Ruby!

Nocturne: So, that is it! Ruby won by a 5-2 vote! Hold on! I have to show you guys something!

Nocturne: This is the wedding of Ruby and Stephan! Stephan gotten un-mummified a week after the show! They have a private wedding at the beach! They are now Ruby Ericks, and Stephan Ericks!

Nocturne: Sign-ups for Season 2 will begin in May 26th! I will be busy to host Season 2, so Ruby will take over for me! Hope you enjoy The Start!