Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Rant on Survivor

Last night episode of Survivor was stupid! Why?

1. WHY THE **** DID YOU VOTE FOR STEVE, MATT? Because of that, you got voted out! If Matt voted for Grant like he was suppose to, then it will be a tie, and Matt may have stay!

2. Rob, stop acting a biotch! I can guarentee you YOU ARE NOT GONNA WIN! You are threat in this game because you have been in this show 4 TIMES IN THIS SHOW! Trust me, if I were in the first tribal council, I would definitely vote you out!

3. Mike, it seems like you throw the first immunity competition! Sorry! Don't you remember when you first throw a competition just to get Russell out? And do you remember when that backfires on you guys by you losing 3 competitions in a row!

4. Ralph, you could possibly made a stupid move by giving the idol to Mike! You should given it to Matt! Mike wasn't even plan to go home! Matt was!

When does Big Brother comes back on? Big Brother IS WAY BETTER THAN SURVIVOR! Survivor is full of dumb idiots, who makes stupid moves! I can't wait for the stupid Survivor show to end, and Big Brother to start again!

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