Friday, April 22, 2011

My Vampire Family

Okay I have two families to upload:

First of all, here is my vampire family:

Lilicoveith from my previous cancelled series! I gave her a different outfit!

Still you need a hairstyle you can in this link!

Beau Merrick! He is a pre-made sim, and I do not really see him a point to put him in your game! However, I uploaded it as a family, and not as a sim!

And in case you really want to know where his hair came from, his hair came from here!

The newest member of my vampire family! I name him Severus after Severus Snape! Why? Because I want to name him after a Harry Potter character, and out of all the Harry Potter characters I can see Snape being the most likely to become a vampire! However, his last name isn't Snape it's Merrick!

By the way, I think that is what his hair came from!

You can find the family in the Uploads for the Fame section! I would upload each sim individually, but I don't want to run into the same glitch I had last time I uploaded a vampire! So, there all uploaded together as a family!

You will definitely Ambitions, and Late Night for this family! WA, you may or may not need (Yes, I forget, I am only human)!

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