Sunday, May 1, 2011

30-Day Song Challenge- Song 22 + The 30 Day Countdown for Generations + The post of the week + I broke my record

A song I listen to when I am sad!

In my opinion, the saddest musical in my opinion was Across the Universe! When Lucy founds out that her boyfriend is dead, I cried! Then, this song comes in:

I cried during the song, and the scene before it! It is so sad!

In case you wanna the movie version of the song:

Anyways, enough with the song! It is getting me all sad, and I do not like it!

Anyways, the 30 Day Countdown for Generations is here! If you like participate in it, go here!

Also, I am doing something new! I will be doing a post of the week! I will choose my favorite that happen this week! This week's post is by Andy_Cu:

And finally, I broke my own record on the forums:

My previous record was with jktee511:

It was with 7348 posts! It was the top posts number until Firestar came, and beat it! Now, look at this:

7349 POSTS! I beat my record! Now, I have to reach 10,000 posts!

Sorry for the long post, I have to let it all out!

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