Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Semi-Veto Ability- House Tour

Ruby: Welcome to the house tour of the Semi-Veto Ability! I am the host this season, and the winner of last season! This is the front yard! You do want to be be sleeping in the Sarcophagus! If you do, then it will be game over for you! Also, there will be two houses due to a law saying only 8 people can live together! They will not work in teams! After 5 people has been eliminated, the merge will happen, where everyone will see each other for the first time! The people in the merge will be either in the final 2, or in the mummy jury, where they vote for who they want to win!

Ruby: This is the house entrence!

Ruby: Behind it, we got the bathroom! Doesn't look that exciting to me? However,

Ruby: This dinning room will take hold of 2 nominations! Last season, one of the two nominees WILL get mummified! This season, one of the the two nominees MAY get mummified! Why did I say may? Well, Last Season, there was a veto ability! It was used as a mystery power that Stephan used during week 3! This season, we will like to introduce the Semi-Veto Ability! It will have a competition, with it every week!
In case, you are not familiar with the Veto Ability, it is a power where you can veto’d a nominee, and chooses a replacement nominee!
The Semi-Veto Ability can do half of what the Veto Ability does! You can veto’d a nominee, but you can’t choose a replacement nomination (unless you are H.O.M.)! Instead, the H.O.M. chooses a replacement!
At the nominations episode, everyone will compete for the Semi-Veto Ability! In the voting episode, the Semi-Veto Ability ceremony will take place!

Ruby: Now, this is the Kitchen! Here, the contestants cook, and clean dishes! There hasn't been in any natural cooks in this show so far! Maybe there will be one soon!

Ruby: This is the bar room! It is a good place to hang-out at! It is also good for to talk strategically!

Ruby: Now, in case you didn't notice the house theme is Red, Yellow, and Green! Our rooms are simple this year! We have the red room, which 3 people can sleep in,

Ruby: the green room which 2 people can sleep in,

Ruby: and the yellow room which 2 people can sleep in as well!

Ruby: This is the backyard! There is a pool, a hot tub, and some exercise equipment!

Ruby: This is the living room! You do not want to be sitting in the couch with 2 seats in it! Not that is not comfortable, but if you are sitting there then one of you will be mummified!

Ruby: This is the diary room, where the contestants can say whatever they want without having the other houseguests knowing! Will your sim becomes the next Britney from BB12?

Ruby: Beyond that door, it is the room of the Head of Mummification, the most powerful person in this game! If you win the H.O.M competition, you will have immunity for the week! However, it comes with a huge responsibility as you are supposed to nominate contestants for mummification! Then, the house will vote who they want to be mummified! Soon, if you have the majority lead of votes, you will be mummified! Once you are mummified, it’s game over! Want to see what the room looks like? Well, wait until the shows starts to see it!

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