Friday, May 13, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Semi-Veto Ability- Episode 1

Ruby: Hello, this is the Battle Against Mummification game! Tonight, 12 people will be living and breathing the Battle Against Mummification game with one goal in mine: To be the only person not mummified at the end! They will live in total confinement cut out of the outside world! Each week the contestants will compete for power in the game! Each week they will vote to mummify one of their own until only one is human to claim the million dollar prize! And this season, be careful who you nominate because that nomination may be veto'd! How would they get veto'd? Find out tonight!

Ruby: Hello, this House #1! There will be two houses! They will not work in teams! We done this because of the law saying no more than 8 people in a house (which we hope we can get repealed)! Let's talk to them! Houseguests, today will be the last day to see the outside world for quite a while! Take a look around you! Around here, you may find your best friend or your worst enemy! As groups of 3, you will enter the house, and pick your own bed! However, every group member must pick a bed in a different room than the other group members! The first group to enter this house is...

Ruby: Rebecca,

Ruby: Sun,

Ruby: and Logan!

Ruby: Logan choose the Red Room, Sun choose the Yellow Room, and Rebecca choose the Green Room!

Ruby: Ashlyn,

Ruby: Avery,

Ruby: and Hope, you may now enter the house!

Ruby: In the green room, we have Ashlyn and Rebecca! In the red room, we have Logan and Avery! In the yellow room, we have Sun and Hope!

Ruby: We are over at House #2! I will tell them the information as I told to the other house! Houseguests, today will be the last day to see the outside world for quite a while! Take a look around you! Around here, you may find your best friend or your worst enemy! As groups of 3, you will enter the house, and pick your own bed! However, every group member must pick a bed in a different room than the other group members! The first group to enter this house is...

Ruby: Van,

Ruby: Roarke,

Ruby: and Kara!

Ruby: Van chooses the green room, Roarke chooses the red room, and Kara chooses the red room!

Ruby: Mikayla,

Ruby: Barry,

Ruby: and Chie, you may now enter the house!

Ruby: In the red room, we have Mikayla and Roarke! In the green room, we have Barry and Van! In the yellow room, we have Chie and Kara!

Ruby: Contestants, let me introduce myself as Ruby, the winner of last season! Nocturne cannot host this season, so I offer to take her place! You will know the other contestants playing the same game as you are for the next 3 months! However, to know basic knowledge about the other contestants, I asked all of you to make introductions!

Ashlyn: I'll go first! My name is Ashlyn! I am a sporty and competitive type of gal. I am very sweet and kind, but little does everyone know, a deep dark secret is lurking under my friendly personality that I vow never to expose. Also, I always wanted to make it big and will accept all positive attention.

Logan: Hey, my name is Logan! I am a laid-back guy with almost no intentions yet. I decided to skip college, but some people believe that I didn't need it. I go with the flow and is a free Sim!

Hope: Yo, my name is Hope! I am a fierce women! I am always in it to win it. Though I may look sweet on the inside, I am hard-like a rock. I do have a softness--children especially for my one daughter, Selene.

Hope: (in the diary room, a place where contestants can say whatever they want without other contestants) I am doing this for my daughter! I want to her to have a successful life when she grows up, and I hope I can win this show for her!

Rebecca: Well, my name is Rebecca! I am scared of everything, and usually ALWAYS hides behind her best guy friend. I find it hard to makes decisions and doesn't like to be the reason anyone is upset. I have a terrible secret that has haunted her from early childhood, and I want as many opportunities as I can to try to make it on her own - no matter how much it scares me!

Avery: Hey guys, my name is Avery, and I am addicted to fame. I love the spotlight! I am Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, but move to New York City as soon as I was old enough!! My life long goal is to be famous!

Sun: Hola, me llamo Sun. I was born in Japan, and when I was old enough, I moved to New York, and now resides at the big city. My aspiration is to travel the world from North America all through the Pacific to China. I love the outdoors, and to meet new people! I am also bilingual! I also enjoy swimming, jogging, and doing my job as an Interior Designer.

Chie: Hello, I am Chie! I am the daughter of my creator's simself I am a failed experiment in an attempt to get the Pyromaniac trait! My favorite artist is none other than Lady Gaga. My traits are Loner, Disciplined, Evil, and Vegetarian!

Kara: My name is Kara! I am a nerdy bookworm who's still looking for her prince charming. When I was a kid, she would get picked on because she was the nerdest girl in school. I did had a crush on the most popular guy in school who is captian of the football team!

Van: My name is Van! I am a fun loving sim. I am always up for the next party, especially if it's an outdoor get together. When I want some downtime, I am content to veg out on the couch and play my guitar.

Mikayla: I'm Mikayla! I was always different then everyone at school. I never seemed to do or wear the right things. I am hoping that maybe this could show people that I have it to bring her to the top.

Roarke: My name is Roarke! I am fresh out of college and eager to start living, just as every 21 year old is. I am putting high school behind him. With his newfound athletic ability, I hope to start attracting the ladies.

Barry: I'm Barry people! I has to have my hat with him ALL THE TIME! I am a fun person! I try to take things light heartedly and Iwant to follow in quite a few footsteps but to get there first I need to get noticed!

*10:00 pm*

Mikayla: Hey, I am relaxing in my bed before I go to sleep!

Roarke: I am doing this as well!

Mikayla: I hope I do well in the H.O.M. challenge!

Roarke: Me too! I am very ambitious!

Mikayla: Me too!

Roarke: Me and Mikayla were having a good chat last night! I found out we have some much in common! Then....

Ruby: Mikayla, please go to the diary room!

Ruby: You will compete in the H.O.M. challenge right now! In order to keep answers a secret from the other houseguests, we put in the diary room for this competition! You will take a quiz! I will asked you questions that you must answer! Whoever gets the most answers right will win the first Head of Mummification! You will not know the results until tomorrow! Are you ready for this?

Mikayla: Totally!

Ruby: The competition begins now! Question #1: ......

*the next morning*

Mikayla: So, the H.O.M. results are in!

Roarke: I hope you win!

Mikayla: Well, I hope you win!

Roarke: Man, I cannot believe how much in common we had!

Mikayla: I know!

Ruby: Everyone, please go to the living room! The results are in!

Mikayla: Well, Roarke, good luck

Roarke: Well, that was unexpected!

Mikayla: It was a good luck kiss!

Roarke: Hey wanna be the first showmance on this show?

Mikayla: I guess we are kinda are the first showmance on this show! We can be like Stephan and Ruby from last season!

Roarke: I know! Anyways, we better get going to the living room!

Ruby: Roarke, congrats, you are the first Head of Mummification!

Roarke: Yay!

Ruby: Have you thought about nominations yet?

Roarke: Not yet!

Ruby: Well, be careful of who you nominate because that nomination may be veto'd!

Roarke: What?

Ruby: This show's motto is Expect the Unexpected! I am about to reveal the twist to everyone! Last Season, there was a veto ability! It was used as a mystery power that Stephan used during week 3! This season, we will like to introduce the Semi-Veto Ability! It will have a competition/quiz with it every week!
In case, you are not familiar with the Veto Ability, it is a power where you can veto’d a nominee, and chooses a replacement nominee! The Semi-Veto Ability can do half of what the Veto Ability does! You can veto’d a nominee, but you can’t choose a replacement nomination (unless you are H.O.M.)! Instead, the H.O.M. chooses a replacement! And the nominee may veto'd himself or herself!

Kara: I thought about it and this twist is good if you are nominated yet bad if you are not!

Rebecca: I am kinda nervous about the twist! This season, we can backdoor'd people! I do not want to be the first person to be backdoor'd in this game!

Chie: Well, I asked for backdooring to be possible and this is what I get! In my opinion, the best way to get someone out is by backdooring them! They thought they were safe at first and then they got nominated and then got booted out!

Stay Tune for Episode 2

Quiz Scores:

Logan- 2

Sun- 2

Kara- 3

Barry- 5

Rebecca- 6

Avery- 7

Van- 9

Ashlyn- 10

Mikayla- 11

Hope- 11

Chie- 12

Roarke- 12 (I got Roarke's quiz before Chie's quiz so Roarke won becauce of that)

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