Monday, May 23, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Semi-Veto Ability- Episode 3

Roarke: Congrats, this week, we are controlling this game. I hold the position of H.O.M. and you are the Semi-Veto Ability holder.

Mikayla: I know! Also, I got a question.

Roarke: I might have an answer.

Mikayla: What should I do with the Semi-Veto Ability?

Roarke: I will like you to use the Semi-Veto Ability on (Ashlyn/Hope/No one).

Mikayla: Well, I respect your wishes, honey. I will do what you asked me to do.

*day 9*

Mikayla: Today is the Semi-Veto Ceremony. I will ask both nominees a reason why I should veto'd one of them. Ashlyn, you are up first.

Ashlyn: Mikayla, I pretty sure you got your mind made up for this decision. I will respect your wishes no matter what.

Mikayla: Hope, your turn.

Hope: Well, I will do anything for you if you veto'd me. I would keep you safe, give you prizes I won in this show, and I will be on your side. Please consider this.

Mikayla: I made my decision. I have chosen to use the Semi-Veto Ability on no one because I think that the nominations are fine how they are! Sorry, but that is my choice. I wish both you ladies good luck in the voting ceremony.

*Day 10*

Roarke: Listen, we need to convince the house to get rid of ____. I do not want people to vote to mummify _____ this week.

Mikayla: How about we have a house meeting?

Roarke: Hello everyone, I just want to say that this week, I want ____ gone. Tell everyone in House #1 about this as well. Okay?

Ruby: We are live on Day 12! One of the 2 nominees is about to be completely robbed. Let's go talk to the two nominees.

Ruby: Hope and Ashlyn, one of you will start their mummification soon. However, I want both of you girls to give a possible goodbye to the houseguests. Hope, you are up first.

Hope: It has been a good 12 days with you guys, and if I get eliminated today, I just wanted I will not take it personally and it was just my time to go.

Ruby: Ashlyn, it is your time.

Ashlyn: Well, if I get eliminated today, I wish you all good luck in this game and I wish you that you won't get too stir-crazy.

Ruby: Before I revealed the results, Chie, you decided not to vote for this round, and so because of it, you have been DQ'd from the next H.O.M. challenge. Now, it is time for the results. I am sorry to say by a 6-2 vote,......

Ruby: Hope you will be the first mummified contestant on this show.

Hope: I have learned a lot about myself in this game. It was my turn to go, and besides, my creator's sim last season, Morgan, made it to the final 5 which was an incredible feat for anyone. Well, I better get going. This show has a mummy needed to be created.

*Stay tune for Episode 4*

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