Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Semi-Veto Ability- Episode 2

Roarke: Who wants to see my H.O.M. room?

Roarke: Oh cool it's green! Green is my favorite color!

Kara: Look a letter! Read it!

Roarke: *Reads letter*

Dear Roarke,

Congrats on winning the first HOM challenge! Your genius trait is showing, lol. I saw that little good luck kiss from Mikayla. Are you sure you want to be the first showmance? Well, just be careful whom you trust.



*Day 3*

Logan: Hey there, sexy!

Ashlyn: Me and Logan have been flirting a lot! We consider ourselves in a showmance! We do not want to kiss yet!

Ashlyn: Look, we have to declare our safety to Roarke!

Logan: Well, do not suck up to Roarke when I am not aligned with him!

Ashlyn: How about we make an alliance with Mikayla and Roarke? Let's call ourselves the couples alliance!

Logan: Good idea!

Logan: Hey, me and Ashlyn would like to form an alliance with you and Mikayla! We are both in a showmance and we think that we should call ourselves the Couples Alliance!

Roarke: That is a good idea! However, I am very afraid we may get caught!

Logan: How about you ________ one of us as a ____?

Roarke: That's a good idea! However, I have to think which one of you guys will be the ____!

Logan: So me or Ashlyn is going to be the ____ for the _________! Now, thinking about it, I am nervous about it! You know what happen to Kellan last season? The same thing can happen to me!

*Day 6*

Roarke: It is the day of nominations! Everyone has talk to me about nominations and my safety except for one person! That one person is being really quiet and so I will nominate (him/her) along with ______ who is the ____ I chosen!

Roarke: This is the nominations ceremony! It sucks choosing two people to be nominated this early this game, but it is my job as H.O.M. to do so! I wish both of my nominees good luck in the Semi-Veto Ability competition! I have decided to nominate...............

Ashlyn because her creator was slow to submit her quiz! I have also decided to nominate.......

Hope because her creator doesn't seem involved with this show (No posts since sign-up)
. These nominations are strategic and not personal! Like I said, I wish both of my nominees good luck in the Semi-Veto Ability competition! That will be the only way you can be safe that week!

*Day 7*

Ruby: It is time to start the Semi-Veto Ability competition! The Semi-Veto Ability does half of what the Veto Ability does! You can veto’d a nominee, but you can’t choose a replacement nomination (unless you are H.O.M.)! Instead, the H.O.M. chooses a replacement! But first, there was a sign-up sheet for this competition and 4 people did not sign it! Those people are Sun, Chie, Ashlyn, and Hope! They have DQ'd themselves because of it! The rest of you must be in separate rooms!

(Note to the 4 people who have been DQ'd from this competition: 2 more DQs/missed votes/missed H.O.M. decisions/missed Veto decisions will result in an immediate elimination)

Kara: (reads how this game works) The goal of this competition is simple! Everyone competing must get the highest score of this Arcade Game! I you get the highest score, you will be the first ever holder of the Semi-Veto Ability!

*plays game*

Kara: Dang it! I got a 650 on this competition!

*Later that day*

Barry: What are you doing?

Mikayla: Checking the results! Oh!

Mikayla: OMG! I won!

Roarke: Congrats! Now, be sure to think about your decision!

Mikayla: Okay!

*Stay tune for Episode 2*

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