Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day + 30-Day Song Challenge- Song 28

First of all, happy mother's day! I hope you spend time with your mother! I like my mother, but my father is a different story!

Now, song 28!

A song that makes you feel guilty!

I have a little bit of a debate in my head with this! I did posted a song for one day saying A song you feel guilty liking! I think this one is asking for a song you feel guilty NOT LIKING!

And this song has to be this:

I seriously like glee! However, I think the Warblers should NOT DO ROCK SONGS! The original version IS WAY BETTER! I am kinda ashamed of this because Glee is my favorite fictional show (and the only fictional show I watch lol)! However, I feel like it is like a hamburger without the ground beef in it! It is just missing the best part of the song!

This is the original version:

Now, just for the record, Warblers DO NOT SING ROCK SONGS! GOT IT?

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