Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I got Born This Way, THE ALBUM

Last night, I downloaded Born This Way, the album! It was leaked (Yes, this will make Lady GaGa sad, but I am impatient and I have to buy it)! It was so good! I have to tell my favorite songs on the album:

Government Hooker

I enjoy the back-up vocals, and the song is so damn catchy! It has to be one of my top songs from her!

You and I

It sounds a lot different than her other songs, and I love it! Plus, it has a great meaning!


I love the acapella introduction! Then, it gets to a beat where I just wanna dance!

These are half of my top 6 songs from Born This Way! My other songs are The Edge of Glory, Born This Way, and Judas (which the readers already know my opinion of the songs)!

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  1. okay, BG, I feel as if your comment will cause a lot of drama! A lot of people downloads stuff that has been leaked! I am not the only person who downloads it! So, i deleted it!