Monday, June 6, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification- Episode 5

Mikayla: Who wants to see my H.O.M. room?

Mikayla: Oh, this is my favorite color! Anyways, who wants to hear me read my letter?

Roarke: I do!

*Day 14*

*Everyone was doing their own thing until this happen*



Logan: Ashlyn just got bitten by a Black Widow!

Rebecca: You are serious?

Logan: Yes, I am!

Rebecca: Well, I wish her that she is okay!

Ruby's Voice: Houseguests, I am here to inform you guys that Ashlyn is in a coma! She won't be waking up for a while! She has been removed from the game! Sorry about that!

Logan: Great, I won't see her for another 3 months!

Rebecca: Listen, I have to deal with the same situation that you went through! My high school boyfriend has gotten bitten by a Black Widow as well! I remember when we were on a field trip at the Science Lab, and he found a Black Widow there! He gotten bitten, and unfortunately, he did not get in a coma! Instead, he just died! I felt so heartbroken! However, I eventually got over him! I started to date other men....

Logan: So wait, you suggest I date another girlfriend! But you are the only girl left in this house!

Rebecca: No, I am not suggesting that....

Logan: Well, I was wondering if you want to go on a house date!

Rebecca: Um, sure?

Logan: Cool! The date will start once the moon rises!

Rebecca: Okay, I just got asked out on a house date! I feel awkward now! I mean, how would a house date would work?

Rebecca: OMG! This hot tub is so **** relaxing!

Rebecca: That was a great drink!

Logan: I know!

Rebecca: Hey, I have a great time with you! Should we start a showmance together?

Logan: Well, um, sure! But first, I have to do two things! First, I must do this....

Rebecca: Nice kiss you got there!

Logan: Sorry, Ashlyn, but I am breaking up for you! I got a new girlfriend, and her name is Rebecca!

Logan: Also, second of all, Me, Mikayla, and Roarke are in an alliance! It is called the Couples Alliance! Ashlyn was in it until she got bitten! I was wondering, would you like to join my alliance!

Rebecca: Sure, can help with the nominations since Mikayla is Head of Mummification?

Logan: Sure!

Rebecca: I think Logan should do nominations the fair way?

Logan: What do you mean?

*Rebecca whispers in Logan's ear*

Logan: Oh! Well, I am gonna tell Mikayla about this, and I wish you goodnight!

Rebecca: Good night to you, baby!

*Day 15*

Sun: It's the day of the nominations! From what I heard, Mikayla is doing nominations the fair way! However, that way could mean anything!

Mikayla: This is the nominations ceremony! I hate doing this! I was not sure about who to nominate until someone said I should do this the fair way! So with that being said, I have decided to nominate......

Kara for mummification because she hasn't really seemed into this game! I have also decided to nominate.....

Chie for mummification because she is kinda to quiet during the whole game! These are also the people who did not compete in the H.O.M. challenge! I wish both of you girls good luck in the Semi-Veto Ability challenge!

*Stay tune for Episode 6*