Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Semi-Veto Ability- Episode 4

Logan: Congrats, you survived the mummification!

Ashlyn: Yeah, but there is like 10 more mummifications before this show is over!

Logan: Well, at least, you will not be the first person mummified on this show! Also, because you survived, I thin that you deserved this:

Ashlyn: Dang, you are a good kisser!

Logan: You are too!

Ashlyn: Anyways, good luck at the competition!

Logan: Me and Ashlyn just had our first kiss! It felt so good!

*1 hour later*

Rebecca: Guys what are we doing?

Sun: Watching Pirates of the Carribean 4!

Ashlyn: Oh cool, I want to watch that movie!

5 minutes later

Avery: Dang it! Why do they have to play that racket so loud? Now, I can barely hear what is going!

Avery: I was watching the movie and then BANG! Some crazy racket came on and I can barely hear what is going on. I am an extreme fan of the Pirates of Carribean movies, and the racket that is going on at the stereo is ruining the movie!


Chie: OMG! I so want to see this movie!

Mikayla: Me too Chie!

*5 minutes later*


Barry: I know! Plus, they aren't playing a song by Take That!

Roarke: Stupid mother ******* music!

Ruby: Hope, have a seat to the right!

Ruby: How does it feel to be the 1st person voted out?

Hope: It feels awful to be gone when the first bump in the road comes.

Ruby: _______ and ____ are the only two people to vote to mummify Ashlyn, and voted to keep you safe. How do you feel about that and why you think they voted for you?

Hope: I am grateful that not everyone voted against me. :) I think they voted for me because after my creator realized I was nominated, she tried to post more often on the forums, so I guess because she tried.

Ruby: Chie did not voted for this round. In your opinion, if she voted, who do you think she will vote for?

Hope: I really don't know who, because I cannot get into the minds of other people. In all honest, though, I think she would have voted for me to be eliminated.

Ruby: Unfortunately, not everyone will be mummy jurors this season. However, you will give some secrets kept in the house to the mummy jurors after they voted. So, go home and watch the show! Then, during the finale, reveal a secret to the the mummy jurors. Now, after the commercial break, it will be time for the H.O.M. competition!

Ruby: Welcome back!

Kara: Hey, where is my stand?

Ashlyn: I was wondering that too!

Ruby: Girls, you forgot to sign up, so you both have been DQ'd! Now, sit down with Roarke and Chie, the other two people who can not compete!

Ruby: This competition will test your knowledge of the movie you watched last night! You will answer true or false questions on the movie! If you think the answer is true, you make your stand turn green! If you think the answer is false, you make your stand turn red! If you get the answer correct, you earn a point! If you get the answer wrong, you will lose a point! The person with the most points in the end will win this week's Head of Mummification! Are you guys ready?

Everyone: Yes!

Ruby: Let the competition begin! True or False: There was two HISTORICAL ships in the movie!

Ruby: The correct answer is True! Mikayla, Barry, Van, and Avery has earned the point! Logan, Rebecca, and Sun still has a 0. Reset, time to move on!

Ruby: Well, by a perfect score, the new H.O.M. is......

Ruby: Mikayla! Congrats!

Mikayla: YES!

*Stay tune for Episode 5*

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