Friday, June 10, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Semi-Veto Ability- Episode 6

*Day 16*

Ruby: I have an important announcement to make with the Semi-Veto Ability! This week, only 6 people will compete in this week Veto competition! The Head of Mummification, the 2 nominees, and 3 people selected by a random draw! These 3 people are Rebecca, Van, and Barry! The competition will begin in a hour!

Mikayla: I was hoping my allies would compete in the competition, because they are the only 3 people I know that would not use the Semi-Veto Ability! The other contestants could of made deals with the two nominees!

Rebecca: Dang it! I am the only person in House #1 competing for this! I will feel so lonely during the competition!

Roarke: Why do I have to be the only person in my house NOT competing for this?

Ruby: This competition is simple! I want you to write a story! Whoever writes the story with the most words in it will win! However, there are some rules:
Rule #1- You can not use any previous story your creator have written!
Rule #2- Keep it PG-13 or lower!
Rule #3- It must have a beginning, middle, and end! If it does not have one, then I will not accept it as a story!
For example,
I was cold. ≠ Not an acceptable story
I was cold. Because of that, I went to start a fire outside. The fire has made me warm. = An acceptable story!
The competition begins now! You have 30 minutes to submit your story!

*everyone is typing away*

Van: I definitely want the nominations to stay this week! I do not want to be a possible replacement nominee this week, so I have to do my best for me to keep the nominees this week!

Chie: This competition is extremely important! I do not know if I am the pawn or the target!

Mikayla: My strategy for this competition is to take 10 minutes to brainstorm, and 20 minutes to write it out.

*30 minutes later*

Ruby: Stop typing! Now, everybody go to the living room while we calculate the results!

Ruby: We calculated the results! The winner of this week's Semi-Veto Ability competition had 581 words in his or her story! The name of the winner is.....


Mikayla: Yes, I am in compete control this week!

Ruby: Think carefully about your decision, Mikayla! Also, here is the stories:

Mikayla's Story:

Van's Story

Barry's Story:

Rebecca's Story

Kara's Story:

And finally, Chie's Story:

*Stay tune for Episode 7*