Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Semi-Veto Ability Episode 8

Roarke: So the Couples Alliance needs to talk about who we think should go home.

Mikayla: I do not know who should go home this week! I think I will call Logan to see his opinions!

Mikayla: Hey, Logan! I have a question! Who do you think should go home this week?

Logan: Well, in my opinion, ____ is not that into the game! Plus, she seems like she is up to something!

Mikayla: So, you want to get her out of the game!

Logan: Si, senorita!

Mikayla: Logan wants to see ____ gone! So, because of that, we are voting to mummify her this week!

*Day 19*

Ruby: We are live on Day 19! Let's talk to the contestants! Hello everybody!

Contestants: Hey!

Ruby: This week, we lost Ashlyn! Logan, since you were in a showmance with her, how did you felt when you heard the news?

Logan: I was sad, and if it weren't for Rebecca, I will be still be sad!

Ruby: Well, speaking of showmances, we have two showmances, and I want a female perspective of the showmances! Rebecca, you are first!

Rebecca: Well, Logan, is a very great guy! I was afraid of the outdoors, but then Logan show me that there is nothing to fear about the outdoors!

Ruby: Mikayla, your turn!

Mikayla: Roarke is a nice guy! We have a lot in common, and I hope we can continue this relationship after the game!

Ruby: Avery, you remember the Veto Ability, right?

Avery: Yes!

Ruby: What happens if you are able to win it?

Avery: That would be a honor!

Ruby: Well, the FULL Veto Ability is back! In case you are not familiar with the Veto Ability, it is a power where you can veto’d a nominee, and chooses a replacement nominee! Last season, the first person to submit their H.O.M. quiz, who was Stephan, have the Veto Ability! This season, the owner of the Veto Ability will earn through a DIFFERENT WAY! This ability can be either next week, or the week after that! The holder of it must keep the power a secret from everyone including his or her allies! Now, it is time to see who gets mummified!

Ruby: When I announced the results, the person will be a mummy will have a few moments to say goodbye, and start the mummification process! By a 5-2 vote.....

Ruby: Chie, you have been mummified!

Chie: Guys, I had the time of my life with you! Kara, I have to say you are my best friend I made in the game! I have learn a lot about myself in the game! I shall leave with memories I had with you guys!

*Stay tune for Episode 9*

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