Monday, June 20, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Semi-Veto Ability- Episode 9

Sun: Oh My ****, I am about to.....

*Sun falls down the stairs*

*Sun lies on the floor for a hour*

Sun: Who am I? Where am I? Why am I here?

House Doctor: What's' your name?

Sun: Uhhh...... Adam?

House Doctor: Nope, can you guess again?

Sun: Jake?

House Doctor: Still no?

Sun: Noah?

House Doctor: Okay, next question: You are currently in a realty show! What is the name of the realty show?

Sun: Big Brother?

House Doctor: No!

Sun: American Idol?

House Doctor: No!

Sun: Jersey Shore?

House Doctor: Still no!

*after 5 minutes*

House Doctor: It has been assumed that you have amnesia! I said that you are in a realty show, and this show we have this thing called H.O.M. competitions! We talk to the people in charge of this show, and we suggest that you will not played in them until you get your memory back!

*Day 20*

Ruby: Chie, please have a seat to your right!

Ruby: Do you think there is any way to prevent from being a mummy?

Chie: Well yes I do! I think that it's not to join a game show that focuses on mummifying people!

Ruby: In your goodbye, you said that Kara is our best friend in the game! Can you explain to me how close you are with Kara?

Chie: Well I did know her well! I would say that we would be friends even after the show.

Ruby: _____ and ___ voted for Kara to become a mummy! Why did you think they did that?

Chie: I don't know, but hopefully they're not mad at her or something! I'd hate for anyone else to be a mummy! It's horrible, you get wrapped in toilet paper for the rest of your immortal life!

Ruby: Chie, thank you for your time! Unfortunately, you will not be a mummy juror this season! However, you can go home, and at the finale, you will reveal some information the houseguests do not know about! Now, it is time for the H.O.M. competition!

Ruby: This is the third H.O.M. competition! Mikayla cannot compete due to the fact she was the previous Head of Mummification! Sun is not competing as well due to his amnesia! This competition is called The Eliminator! I will give what could be possible answers in either Chie's or Hope's mummification interview! You must hit your buzzer first, and answer the tell if Chie said it, Hope said it, or no one said it! If you answer correctly, you must eliminate someone who is left in the competition! If you answer it incorrectly, then you will be eliminate! The last person standing will be the new Head of Mummification! The competition begins now! Who said "I think that Sun is the reason why I am a mummy!"

*Rebecca hits her buzzer first*

Ruby: Rebecca

Rebecca: No one

Rebecca: Correct, who shall you eliminate?

Rebecca: Kara!

Ruby: Kara, you have been eliminated from this competition!

Kara: Dang it!

*Kara's Quiz Score: 3*

(in the last round of the competition)

Ruby: Final Question- I'd hate for anyone else to be a mummy! It's horrible, you get wrapped in toilet paper for the rest of your immortal life!

*Quiz Scores*
Avery- 3
Van/Barry/Rebecca- 5

*Logan rings his bell first*

Ruby: Logan

Logan: Chie!

Ruby: Congrats, you won Head of Mummification!

Logan: Yay!

*Roarke and Logan both a 6, but Logan turn in his quiz first*

Logan: Who's want to see my Head of Mummification room?

Logan: OMG, it's Blue, my favorite color!

Sun: Why do you get your own room?

Rebecca: You will find that out when you get your memory back!

*Day 21*

Logan: Look, I think I want to get rid the two people that voted for Kara last week!

Rebecca: How do you know the two people?

Logan: Well, I have a slight feeling that ___ voted for Kara last week.

Rebecca: And the other person?

Logan: I have no freaking clue!

Rebecca: Well, how about put that theory to the test?

Logan: What do you mean?

Rebecca: Nominate ___ and ______! Then, on day 26, if Ruby says that "By a 4-2 vote", then you know that your theory is wrong! However, if she says "By a 5-1 vote", then you know you are right!

Logan: That's a great idea!

*Day 22*

Logan: I am gonna make this quick! I nominate....

Van because I have a strange feeling about him, and he's been extremely quiet this whole game, not being in the swing of main gameplay! I also nominate...

Kara because she seems like a good pawn. I wish both of you good luck in the Semi-Veto Ability! You are gonna need it!
*Stay tune for Episode 10*