Monday, June 27, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Semi-Veto Ability- Episode 10

*Day 23*

Sun: Good morning, Avery!

Avery: OMG, you remember my name!

Sun: Well, I can remember Rebecca's name, Logan's name, Kara's name, Van's name, Mikayla's name, Roarke's name, and Barry's name!

Avery: Hold on, let me ask you something! What is the name of the realty show we are in?

Sun: The Battle Against Mummification

Avery: Congrats, you got your memory back, Sun!

Ruby: Today is the Semi-Veto Ability competition! The people that are competing for this are Logan, Kara, Van, Mikayla, Roarke, and Rebecca! Those 6 people need to head out to the backyard!

Ruby: They say that hopscotch is for little kids, but today it could mean staying in the game, or losing the game! Everyone knows the rules to Hopscotch! Whoever wins this game will win this week's Semi-Veto Ability! Kara, you go first!

*Kara throws the rock*

Ruby: Sorry, but your rock landed on the line! That means you are DQ'd! Mikayla, your turn!

Quiz Score- DQ

*Mikayla throws her rock*

Ruby: Sorry, but your rock landed out of the court! You have been DQ'd as well! Van, you are up next!

*Quiz Score- DQ!

Van: Dang it!

*Quiz Score- 32,400*

Rebecca: Ugh, I thought this would be the competition where I finally win something! I so guess wrong!

*Quiz Score- 62,700*

Roarke: Just why do I have to lose this competition?

*Quiz Score- 70,100*


*Quiz Score- 155, 700*

*Day 24*

Logan: I am make this quick! I want the nominations to make their plead speech as quick as they can starting with Kara!

Kara: You told me in your nomination speech that I am the pawn! They say that pawns can be eliminated! You want Van, and you might have to think about having a different pawn in order to get Van gone!

Logan: Van, your turn!

Van: I voted for ____ last week! You want the people who voted for ____ last week gone! Well, the nominations is a grave mistake cause I voted for ____ to go!

I have made a decision! I have decided not to use it on no one because I don't want to change my nominations at all! Sorry Van, but they say to trust no one in this game! Kara, I think you are a good pawn already! This ceremony is adjourned!

*Stay tune for Episode 11*