Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Semi-Veto Ability- Episode 11

Sun: Yo what's up?

Avery: Nothing Mr. Basker

Avery: Sun is my best friend in the game! We have secret handshakes, and we have nicknames for each other! Sun is Mr. Basker, and I am Spencer Pratt! He is my partner in the game!

Sun: Listen, I think know who has the Veto Ability? It's (mic doesn't pick up)

Avery: Oh really?

Sun: Well, I catch you later!

*Day 25*

Kara: Look, I need to talk to you! I think that the two showmances have formed an alliance together! We need to get rid of that alliance! If we don't, then who knows what will happen!

Kara: I have to make a move in order to keep me safe for this week! So, I told Barry saying "there was a Couples Alliance", and if you want this alliance gone, you have to keep me safe!

Barry: When Kara told me there was a Couples Alliance, I did not exactly believe it! So, I have a chat with Mikayla!

Barry: Hey Mikayla, Kara told me that there was a Couples Alliance, and that if you want the alliance to be gone, you have to vote for Van to go!

Mikayla: When Barry told me what Kara said to him, I needed to call a house meeting to make sure that they think there wasn't a Couples Alliance!

Mikayla: Kara, you told me that there was a Couples Alliance! That is so not true!

Kara: There is a couples alliance, and I know it!

Mikayla: Do you have any proof?

Kara: Um, no, but I got a feeling there is one!

Mikayla: Well, then how can you expect there to be one when you do not have any proof, has not heard of anyone speaking about this alliance, or have not seen us have an alliance meeting? It's like saying there is an all-male alliance in the house just because you got a feeling!

Kara: Well, I should stay because Van does better in competition than me!

Van: Well, then you got 2 DQs on the show! One more DQ and you will be a goner!

Kara: So what about DQs? Van is a.....

Logan: I am gonna stop right there Kara! I asked all of you to vote for Kara this week! She is acting like a true *****! You were a pawn at first, Kara, but now after this house meeting this week, you definitely made yourself the target this week! So, go **** yourself, Kara, and get ready to be mummified!

Kara: My plan did not work out so well! Now, the whole entire game is against me!

Logan: Kara just lost my respect! I will not be surprised if she starts her mummification tomorrow!

*Day 26*

Ruby: We are live at Day 26! It is time to talk to the contestants!

Ruby: Sun, you had amnesia this week! How did it felt?

Sun: It felt terrible! I couldn't remember anything! I was like What the Heck am I doing here!

Ruby: Last night, you guys had a house meeting! Mikayla, since you call the house meeting, what are your after-thoughts of the meeting?

Mikayla: It was very dramatic I can tell you that, and I think Kara will face some consequences very soon because of the meeting!

Ruby: Well, as many of you guys know, someone holds the Veto Ability! If you are the holder of the Veto Ability, and you like to use it this week, stand up now!

*No one stands up*

Ruby: Well, because of that, the Veto Ability will not be used this week! However, it could be used next week! Now, I ask both nominees to say some possible final goodbye words before I announced the results! Kara, you are up first!

Kara: I am sorry for the incident that happen during the House Meeting! My plan was gone wrong, and I just wanted you to know that!

Ruby: Van, it is your turn!

Van: It sucks to be here, and it will suck even more to be mummified! I am sorry for whatever I did wrong to be mummified!

Ruby: Now, I must say the results! Whoever gets mummified this week will have a few moments to say goodbye, and start their mummification! By an unanimous, Kara, you will be the next person mummified on the show!

Kara: Goodbye everyone!

*Stay tune for Episode 12*