Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Semi-Veto Ability- Episode 7

Kara: I am nervous!

Chie: Well, don't be! I think you have a closer relationship to Mikayla than me! How about you try to convince her to use the Veto on you?

Kara: You think I should do that?

Chie: Yeah, she is in the bar room right now! You may want to go there now!

Chie: Kara has a closer relationship with Mikayla, so I told her to convince Mikayla to use the veto on her, and hopefully backdoor someone!

Kara: Listen, can we talk to each other alone?

Mikayla: Hey, anything you can say, you can say with Roarke!

Kara: Well, I just think that you should backdoor someone this week!

Mikayla: Really? Why's that?

Kara: Because I think that there are bigger threats in the game! For example, ___'s creator is really good at realty shows! I heard that _______'s creator is really smart! Plus, if you go to the end with _____, (he/she) will win, and you will lose!

Mikayla: When Kara mention trying to backdoor someone, I went through my head! I cannot nominate my allies from the Couples Alliance, Sun did not compete for the Semi-Veto Ability competition so I do not want nominate him, Barry is the most popular person here so no one will vote to mummify him at this point in the game, and I bet Van can convince 4 people to keep him safe! So, I do not want to backdoor anyone this week!

*Day 17*

Mikayla: This is the Semi-Veto Ability ceremony! I ask both nominees for a last minute chance to convince me to use the Semi-Veto Ability on them! Kara, please go first!

Kara: Please remember what I said in the bar room yesterday! If you do not make the right decision, then you could end up being the next person mummify in this game!

Mikayla: Chie, your turn!

Chie: I do not want be mummified this week! We all want to stay in this game! If you use the Veto on me, I will do anything for you, Mikayla! Just remember that!


Mikayla: I have chosen to use the Semi-Veto Ability on no one because I have nominated them already and I think that they are good nominees! I wish both of you girls good luck on day 19! For the voters, I wish all of you to make the right decision! This ceremony is done!

*Stay tune for Episode 8*