Thursday, June 30, 2011

Big Brother + St. Pete

I will like to talk about two things!

1. Big Brother 13 has announced their cast! Well, 8 of the 14 cast members! I got a feeling Kalia will be the villian this season! As for the 6 other cast members, it could be these people:

Jeff and Jordan from Big Brother 11
Hayden and Enzo from Big Brother 12
Jessie and Natalie from Big Brother 11
Dick and Danielle from Big Brother 8
Will and Mike from Big Brother 2/All-stars
Brenchel from Big Brother 12

I absolutely hope that Brenchel does not return! I ABSOLUTELY HATE RACHEL! However, Dick and Danielle better be in Big Brother 13! They were the best players in the game! Plus, if Will goes in there, I can imagine Dick and Will bringing damage to the house!

2. I am going to St. Pete as my summer vacation! Do not worry because I am bring my laptop with me! Though I may want to just be in the beach most of the time, so do not worry!

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