Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Some Things We Need To Know About Pets

We need to know the new creature! People keep on saying it is werewolves, but as you think about, it may not be werewolves! It could be centaurs or unicorns! I kinda wanna it to be unicorns because Lady GaGa has been obsessed with them lately, and with them, a great sims music video can be made with this song:

We need to know the name of the new neighborhood (along with the new premades)! I hope the Pleasant family returns (my 2nd family the Calientes are the first)! And PLEASE DO NOT LET THE SIMS BE AS UGLY AS THE SIMS IN TWINBROOK!

And the new simlish songs! I really want to hear a Lady GaGa song in Generations! EA made a big mistake by not putting in the Late Night soundtrack! Possibly Highway Unicorn due to the fact it could be the creature, and unicorns are very related to horses!

Just wanted to post that

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