Sunday, June 19, 2011

Top 3 Dumbest Big Brother Players

Yes, I did not post a list yesterday! However, if there is a Battle Against Mummification episode on Saturday, then I will post the list on sunday!

This week list is about Big Brother! Since we are 18 days away from the season's premiere, I have decided post a list "warning" future Big Brother 13 houseguests (though I highly doubt they will read it)!

3. Dustin From BB8- He asked to be nominated for a veto replacement! Then on eviction night, this happen:

Though no one expected that, he have been backdoored! Then, Amber started crying about it (like always), but in my opinion, no one should cry about a guy who made himself go!

2. Mike From BB8- During the third POV competition, the houseguests who were not playing can distract the houseguests who were playing! Then, when came to the last 2 standing (Jen and Dick), Mike tried to distract Dick because he want Jen (who was nominated) to win! After a while, Dick said if Mike doesn't stop distracting him, he will get off, and make Mike the replacement nominee! Mike didn't stop, and so he was nominated and then evicted! Seriously, MIKE SHOULD JUST STOP IT!

1. Marcellas From BB3- Seriously, this is guy who was nominated, won the Golden Power of Veto, didn't used it, and then went home! IF YOU WON THE GOLDEN POV AND YOU WERE NOMINATED, DO NOT EVEN DARE TO THINK ABOUT NOT USING IT! If you do think about it, I would be like WTF?

And to the future BB13 houseguests, remember: Do not asked to be nominated, listen to the HOH, and use the veto if you are nominated!

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