Saturday, June 25, 2011

Top 3 Things I Will MIss About High School

Last night, I watch a video:

I cried last night because of it! I will have things to miss about high school! I know some of you will be glad when you leave high school (probably because you are unpopular)! However, I have a lot of stuff I will miss in high school! Because of it, I will make a very special list in this blog!

3. My Real Life Friends- I will miss them talking in-person! They said that is a high chance for friends to not communicate after High School! I am facebook friends with them, but talking on facebook is different than in-person
2. Memories in High School- I have so many memories in High School (like the senior pranks, going on a dumpster diving field trip, singing Bad Romance to the girls, etc.)! I will miss them!
1. My Art Teacher- I had her for all 4 years of High School! I will miss her, and I hope I can visit her from time to time!

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