Saturday, June 11, 2011

Top 5 Songs from Born This Way

This summer, I will starting something new! I will post lists every Saturday! Last summer, I did new music every week! This summer, I am gonna be having lists of top 5 or top 3 lists!

Now, I have to make my first list about Lady GaGa! I will be posting my top 5 songs from Born This Way! Here is the list:

5. Born This Way- It has a great moral and it sounds amazing! I am sick of people saying it sounded like Express Yourself! It sounded way different than Express Yourself!

4. Government Hooker- It has a damn catchy beat, and it is the best song you can dance to on the Album! I really like the background vocals, and the verses!

3. Fashion of His Love- That song sounds amazing! It should have been in the damn standard edition! I never got the decision why it isn’t! However, I do not have took part of her leaked song Earthquake! But for the most of the song, it is amazing!

2. The Edge of Glory- I absolutely cannot wait until the music video! I ask all you little monsters right to keep buying the song! This song should be #1 in iTunes right now! The Party Rock Anthem sounds TERRIBLE in my opinion, Pitbull is the world’s worst rapper, and Rolling in the Deep is kind of getting old now! Keep on buying the song guys no matter what!

1. You and I- It sounds a lot different than her previous work! It sounds amazing! She sound make that song the 4th single of Born This Way! I could listen to it all day long if I can!

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