Friday, July 22, 2011

4 Sims in 1 Post

Okay, I have a lot of sims to upload! This will be the first:

Second Sim:

This is Ivy Life! She was part of a mystery woohoo project! She is actually the 2nd mystery woohoo project I have done! The first one, the toddler turned out to be freaking ugly! Ivy is much better looking!

You need Generations for this sim!

Third Sim:

This sim is also Ivy, but she is a child now!

And you still need Gens!

Final Sim:

Yes, I know it is just plain crazy to upload 6 versions of Lady GaGa, but a lot of you guys say I am insane! I made switch up some outfits (like 2 of last version of her everyday wear is now formal wear, and her athletic wear/one of her previous formal wear is now everyday wear)! I also change her hair, and her athletic wear)!

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