Monday, July 4, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Semi-Veto Ability- Episode 12 Part 1

Barry: So far, everyone in this game have a partner! Avery and Sun are partners. Rebecca and Logan are partners. Mikayla and Roarke are partners. I kinda have to form a partner to secure my safety!

Barry: Listen, every one in this game has a partner! There's Avery/Sun, Mikayla/Roarke, and Rebecca/Logan! We do not have a partner in the game! How about we form a partnership together?

Van: That's a great idea! Now, we have to get rid of ______ ASAP! Got it?

*Day 28*

Ruby: Kara, have a seat to your.....

Ruby: Kara, where are you going?

Kara: How dare you vote to mummify me, you ******* *****?

Mikayla: No need for that kind of language, Kara! Plus, you are not supposed to be here right now!

Kara: Well, I do not give a **** about where am I supposed to be! I just need to give you this:

Mikayla: Stop it!

Kara: Well, you should of thought twice about mummifying me, *****!

Ruby: We're sorry, but we have to call security to get things handle! Kara has been taken to the Sims County Jail for physical violence! She will not be in the finale! Plus, I will have not a mummification interview with her! Mikayla has been deeply injured after the fight she had with Kara! She has been taken to the hospital! She will not be back for a while, so she is off the show! However, she will be back for the finale! I thought I give the time to explain what is happening in my life! I recently gave birth to a girl named Kesha Taylor Ericks! She is quite adorable! I also have change back to my original hairdo I am still with my husband, Stephan! My husband and I now have a huge fan base, and we are now known as Ruphan! My husband is busy right now shooting a film for the sims to see called Reloaded! Tomorrow, we will have the merge, and it will sure be fun! I can not wait to see what happens tomorrow!

*Day 28*

Ruby: We are at the merge! The house looks the same! However, this is the first time you all see each other in person! Now, you guys know what everyone looks like! Now, I asked you to go inside right now, and pick your beds! Also, the next H.O.M. competition will be take place!

Ruby: Sun and Avery picked the yellow room! Rebecca, Logan, and Roarke picked the red room! Van and Barry picked the green room!

*Day 29*

Rebecca: Hey, I got a question, Barry! Why are you always wearing that hat?

Barry: Because I have bad hair!

Rebecca: Well, I can give you a hairdo!

Barry: Well, would you give me a hairdo?

Rebecca: Um, sure!

Barry: Nice job Rebecca! I like it!

Barry: Man, Rebecca should go into hair-styling business! She is really good!

*Stay tune for Part 2*

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