Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Semi-Veto Ability- Episode 12 Part 2

Ruby: (to the Viewers) We are live on Day 13! It is time to see who will be the next Head of Mummification! For the past weeks, the Couples Alliance has been in control of the game so far! Will they keep the reign of power or not? Let's see!

Ruby: Welcome, this is the Head of Mummification challenge! Logan as current Head of Mummification, you can not compete! You have trapped in the game for a while without hearing any new music! I will quiz you guys on songs by very popular singer(s) that have been released! Your job is to ring your buzzer first, and guess who are the singer(s) of that song! If you get them all right, you win Head of Mummification! The competition starts now!

Ruby: Roarke, this will be the first song:

Roarke: That sounds dirty!

Ruby: It's a song about a cup! Can you guess?

Roarke: Glee Cast?

Ruby: Yes! Next song!

Roarke: Lady GaGa?

Ruby: Correct! Now, there is two singers in the next song so you need to guess both of them to get them correct!

Roarke: Flo Rida and Nicki Minjaj

Ruby: Congrats, you are the new Head of Mummification!

*Quiz Scores*
Roarke- 13
Van- 12
Rebecca- 9
Sun- 8
Barry- 2
Avery- 1

Roarke: Yes, I am the 1st person to win Head of Mummification! It feels so good!

Roarke: Who wants to see my Head of Mummification room?

Barry: It looks nice!

Roarke: Yes it does! Plus it is my favorite color!

*Day 31*

Rebecca: Hey we are sorry about what happened to Mikayla!

Roarke: They said that things happen for a reason! I do feel sad about what happened to Mikayla, but this could be a chance to improve my game when she is gone! For example, I remember that there is 4 people in Big Brother that were in the final 2 that had a romantic partner that was evicted very early in the game! 3 of them won, while the other one became the runner-up! I am not including Jeff and Jordan because they made it pretty far! So, Mikayla being gone could be a chance to improve my game!

Rebecca: Well, this week I kind of want to break up a partnership!

Roarke: Well, ___ was just on the _____, so I do not want to nominate him!

Rebecca: So nominate ___ and _____!

Roarke: That was my actual plan! I do not want to backdoor someone this week, so we are gonna try on hardest in the Veto competition if you guys get pick!

*Day 32*

Roarke: This is the nominations ceremony! So far, there has partners in the game! My partner has gotten an injury, and she can not be here with us right now! This week, I plan to break a partnership! There is one partnership that I fear going far in the game! And so, they will be my nominees for the week! So, with that being said, I have decided to nominate....

Avery, and.....

Sun because I fear your partnership together! I wish you boys good luck in the Veto competition!

*Stay tune for Episode 13*