Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Semi-Veto Ability- Episode 13

Sun: It sucks being nominated!

Avery: I know!

Sun: Grey, who was a sim of my creator, was nominated three times last season! He was tied with Kellan with the most nominations!

Avery: Well, if I win the Veto, then I will take you off the block.

Sun: Please don't! You need to be sure that you are safe, and the Veto is the only way to guarantee it!

Avery: Dude, I want you to be safe!

Sun: I am definitely on the fence if Avery uses the Veto on me! I am safe, but at the same time, he could become another Marcellas.

*Day 33*

Ruby: Houseguests, this will be the first Semi-Veto Ability competition at the merge! We understand that it is very early in the morning but you guys need all the time you can get for this. Van, you will be the only person sitting out in this competition. The rest of you need to go to the backyard ASAP!

Ruby: In this game, you isolated from the outside world! This competition, you are isolated from everything! When the competitions begin, you must go inside your isolation booth! Whoever stays in the isolation booth the longest will win the Semi-Veto Ability! The twist is that you never who has been eliminated until you get out of the Isolation Booth! The competition begins now!

*everyone is in their Isolation Booth*

*30 minutes later after the competition started*

Logan: I'm out! I am getting really hungry, and I really need something to eat!

Ruby: Unfortunately, you did not win the Semi-Veto Ability this week! Sorry!

Quiz Score- 8

*1 hour later after the competition started*

Roarke: This taking forever! I think I won, didn't I?

Ruby: No you did not won!

Roarke: Dang it!

*Quiz Score- 12*

*1 and a half hour later after the competition started*

Sun: I'm out! Did I win?

Ruby: Nope!

*Quiz Score: 14*

Also, Turner, meet and set does not rhyme! They both end in the same two letters, but they have different ending sounds!

*2 hours later after the competition started*

Barry: I never expected someone to stay this long in an isolation booth! I hope I win!

Ruby: Sorry but you didn't! Now, it comes down to Avery and Rebecca! Who would win this Semi-Veto Ability?

*Quiz Score- 14*

And Katy, I counted bat as one word!

*2 hours and a half hour later*

Rebecca: Did I win it?

Ruby: Nope! Avery won it! You just need to be there a little bit longer! I am gonna tell Avery about his win right now!

*Rebecca's Quiz Score- 26*

Ruby: You won! Congrats!

Avery: Yes!

*Quiz Score- 74*

Avery: I finally won, and I can save my friend off the block! It feels so good!

Rebecca: Great, now we gotta think of a replacement nominee!

Roarke: I am gonna nominate ____ for my replacement nominee! I can not nominate you guys, and I refused to nominate ___ for two reasons! The first reason is that (he/she) wasn't ______ to ______ in the ____ _________, and (he/she) just __ ___ of the _____!

*Day 34*

Avery: This is the Semi-Veto Ability ceremony. I have the power to veto'd one of the two nominees. I will like to give a last-minute chance to explain Sun why I should use the Semi-Veto Ability on him!

Sun: Please do not use the Semi-Veto Ability on me! I do not want you to become another Marcellas in this game! I would like me to be safe, but you won the Semi-Veto Ability fair and square so you should be the won becomes safe and not me!

Avery: I'm sorry Sun but I have to be a good friend of you, and use the Semi-Veto Ability on you! I have to help you in this game! So, in otherwords, Sun, you are safe from the Semi-Veto Ability! Please have a seat in the couch!

*Sun very reluctantly have a seat in the safety couch*

Avery: Roarke, since I just veto'd one of your nominations, you must choose a replacement nominee to fill in the nominee I just veto'd one of your nominees!

Roarke: I have decided for......

Barry to be my replacement nominee because he is trying to start an alliance so late in the game! He must have an edge that I don't know about.

Avery: This ceremony is adjourned!

*Stay tune for Episode 14*