Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Semi-Veto Ability- Episode 14

*Day 35*

Rebecca: So, who should we evict: Barry or Avery?

*Barry walks in, and the couple does not even noticed*

Logan: Let's get rid of Barry! His creator is a veteran, and Van may be coming after me because I nominated him when I was Head of Mummification! And if we can not get rid of ___, then let's get rid of his ally, Barry!

Barry: I overheard Logan saying he wants to get rid of me! I have to say that you are gonna have to pay the consequences of saying that soon!

Roarke: Oh, a television, what does it say?

Roarke: Let me talk to Mikayla!

Roarke: Hey Mikayla, it's me!

Mikayla: Hey Roarke, I am still in the hospital because of that ***** named Kara!

Roarke: I missed so much!

Mikayla: I miss you too! I wished that I could be back in the game, and fighting for my alliance! Also, can you do me a favor?

Roarke: Yeah?

Mikayla: Can you tell that I am sorry to the producers of this show, and my alliance?

Roarke: Yeah, it's Kara who needs to apologize not you! So, can you tell about live from the outside world?

Mikayla: Well, there is a trial called the Casey Anthony Trial, which is freaking nasty! Big Brother 13 has premiered, and the Donatos are back which I am really glad about! There is a video called eHarmony Video Bio, which she basically cries about cats! Also, Pirates of the Caribbean 4 has been watched over 1 billion times!

Roarke: Good to know!

Mikayla: I have to hang-up now! It is so good hearing your voice!

Roarke: I know! See you in about 2 months!

Roarke: I miss Mikayla so freaking much!

Roarke: I missed Mikayla so much, but I just have to win this game for Mikayla!

Ruby: Hello contestants! We are live on Day 36!

Contestants: Hey!

Ruby: Roarke, you lost Mikayla, your local showmance buddy! How does it feel to get that call from her?

Roarke: It feels so good! I am playing this game for me and Mikayla, and I want this show for her to make her proud!

Ruby: That is so sweet, Roarke! Anyway, Avery, you won the Semi-Veto Ability, and you decided to use it on Sun instead of yourself even though Sun did not want you to use it on him! Got any else you want to say about it?

Avery: Sun is my best friend, and I can not be a good friend if I did not use it! I know he wants me to use it on myself, but I have to be a good friend to him!

Ruby: Rebecca, you are the last female contestant on this season! Why do you think all the other females left the show?

Rebecca: Because I feel as if 3 of the female contestants has done some stuff that made people against them, and 2 of them has been removed the game!

Ruby: Also, you are at the half-way point! 5 of you will be mummy jurors while the other 2 will be in the finale hoping to win 1 million dollars! Well, we have no time to waste! If you are the Veto Ability holder and you like to use it, please stand up now!

Ruby: Barry is the winner of the Veto Ability! His creator was the first person posted on the thread after the episode where the Veto Ability was announced it would return, so he won it! He have decided to use the Veto Ability! Just a couple of notes, you can not choose Sun nor Roarke! Also, Roarke, since your nominations have been changed, you will be able to compete in the next Head of Mummification! Finally, 4 people will not be voting: The person Barry uses the Veto Ability, the 2 new nominations, and Roarke! Now, Barry, who will the Veto Ability on?

Barry: I have thinking hard on this decision! This is the easy part! I have decided to use the Veto Ability on myself!

Ruby: Now, Barry, who would be your replacement nominee?

Barry: Logan, I overheard you saying you want to get rid of me! Now, you have to pay the consequences! Get up, and go to the nominations couch!

Ruby: Because of this, the voting will be live! I need both nominees to give the house a plead speech! Logan, you are up first!

Logan: I did not expect me giving this speech to you all tonight! Be sure to vote for whoever you feel safe! I have a blast with you all, and I hope I can stay with you guys as a human!

Ruby: Avery, you are up!

Avery: This may be the last time to get rid of Logan! A showmance made it to the end last season, and this could happen this year if you do not get rid of him now!

Ruby: The only three people who will be voting are Sun, Rebecca, and Van! Sun will vote first!

Ruby: Avery is Sun's best friend in the house so it will be a surprise if he voted to evict Avery!

Sun: I vote to mummify Logan because he's a very strong competitor and I need to get the strong ones out first!

Ruby: Last week, Logan nominated Van! Will Van take revenge on Logan for nominating by voting to evict him?

Van: I vote to mummify Logan because I like Avery better and I don't want him to be mummified!

Ruby: 2 votes has been casted against Logan and so he will be mummified, but let's see how Rebecca will vote!

Rebecca: I would like to mummify Logan, because he's very strong.

Ruby: We got all the votes! The person who is mummified will have a few moments to talk to the other houseguests, and start their mummification! By an 3-0 vote, the first male contestant this season to be mummified is.....

Ruby: Logan!

Logan: Well, guys, this is what you wanted! You wanted to mummify me, and so this is what you get!

*Stay tune for Episode 15*