Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Semi-Veto Ability- Episode 15

*Day 37*

Ruby: Hello Logan!

Logan: Hey!

Ruby: How surprised were you when Barry had the Veto Ability, and he made you a replacement nominee?

Logan: I was very surprised, but I wasn't that worried, as I didn't think I would get voted. Once I found out, that only 3 voted, I knew I was gone. I don't know why he chose me, but I became the red target at that point.

Ruby: You were mummified by an unanimous vote! You did not even received a vote to keep from Rebecca! Why do you think you got all these votes to be mummified?

Logan: I didn't expect to receive 3 votes! I guess I think I got all of these votes because the contestants know I am a strong competitor, and I had the potential to win. They were all scared of me! It had to have been a strategy, and now that I'm gone, either Rebecca or Barry will win it.

Ruby: Do you think you and Rebecca would date after the show is over?

Logan: After that public vote, I don't think so. I may be a stud, but I want to get tied down eventually, and I'm not quite sure if Rebecca is the one for me. Rebecca is very cute, and I'm glad she's a free spirit. I'm glad I met her, and I will remember her forever, I think we could have a shot at life together.

Ruby: Well, you are a mummy juror for now, so get back inside the house, and observe the other houseguests! Coming up, who will win the next Head of Mummification? Let's find out!

Ruby: This is the Head of Mummification competition! With the Couples Alliance falling apart, can they get back in control this week? Let's find out!

Ruby: Contestants, this is the H.O.M. competition! Roarke, you are allow to compete since the Veto Ability was used! Logan, as a mummy, you can not compete! This competition is simple! Everyone who is standing the competition must ring their buzzer! The person who rings it last will be eliminated! The last person standing will be the new Head of Mummification! The competition begins now!

*Roarke rings his buzzer last*

Ruby: Roarke, you ring your buzzer last, so you are eliminated!

*Quiz Score- 0*

Ruby: Everyone ring your buzzer now!

*Barry rings his buzzer last*

Ruby: Sorry Barry, you ring you buzzer last, so you have been eliminated from the competition!

Barry: Dang it!

*Quiz Score- 0*

Ruby: Everyone, please ring your buzzer now!

*Sun rings his buzzer last*

Ruby: Sun, you have been eliminated from the competition!

*Quiz Score- 1*

Ruby: Everyone ring your buzzer now!

*Van is the last person to ring his buzzer*

Ruby: Van, you have been eliminated from the competition!

*Quiz Score- 2*

Ruby: Rebecca and Avery, one of you is about to win Head of Mummification! Whoever rings their buzzer first will win Head of Mummification! Please ring your buzzer now!

*Avery rings his buzzer first*

Ruby: Congrats Avery! You won Head of Mummification!

*Rebecca's Quiz Score- 7*
Avery's Quiz Score- 9*

Avery: I won this competition, and I have complete power this week! I can do whatever the **** I want to do!

Avery: Who wants to see my Head of Mummification room?

Avery: Yay! It's my favorite color, Orange!

Rebecca: What do you mean you are breaking up?

Logan: You voted to evict me, and I also do not think you are the one for me!

Rebecca: You *****!

Rebecca: I voted to evict Logan last week because I knew he will be mummified no matter if I vote for him or not! Because of that jerk breaking up with me, I guess the Couples Alliance is over! I have to make a new alliance! One that will make me go far in the game!

Rebecca: Can we talk?

Avery: Sure!

Rebecca: Listen, you two are kinda aligned together right?

Sun: Well, you can say that!

Rebecca: I like to form a 3-way alliance with you! I promise I will never play guy, and I promise I will get us to the final 3 together!

Avery: Sure! However, you are gonna have to name it!

Rebecca: How about Space Cows?

Sun: Well that is kinda unusual but okay!

Avery: Got any suggestions?

Rebecca: I want you to nominate ______ that's for sure!

Sun: Who else?

Avery: Well, me and ____ have not really talked in the game, so I say let's nominate him!

Sun: Okay, those two are nominations unless something crazy happens!

Avery: This is the nominations ceremony! As Head of Mummification, I must nominate 2 people for mummification! I have decided to nominate....

Roarke because of his strength in this game! I also decided to nominate....

Van because I haven't really gotten to know him. I wished both of you good luck in the Semi-Veto Ability!

*Stay tune for Episode 16*