Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Semi-Veto Ability- Episode 16

Rebecca: Congrats for putting for putting those two people up!

*Barry enters the room without the trio knowing*

Avery: Hey, it was your idea to put up Roarke! Van being nominated was my idea! Now, all 3 of the Space Cows need to get to the final 3! The other people need to get eliminated one by one by one!

Rebecca: Yeah, we have to do that in get to the final 3!

Barry: I overheard Rebecca, Avery, and Sun talking! They like they are in an alliance together! I am gonna have to tell Van and Roarke about this!

Barry: Listen, I overheard Rebecca, Avery, and Sun! I am pretty sure that they are in an alliance called the Space Cows

Van: WHAT?

Roarke: Well, to be honest, I was in an alliance with Rebecca! I guess it is now officially over!

Van: Hey, why do not we form our own alliance?

Barry: Let's call it the Water Cows!

Barry: Also, if I win the Semi-Veto Ability, I am gonna use it on one of you guys, and we will let one of the Space Cows be backdoor!

Roarke: That would be an epic move!

*Day 40*

Ruby: It is time for the Semi-Veto Ability competition! Every single human will be allowed to play! You can win the Semi-Veto Ability by complete luck! In this quiz, you each must pick a number between 1-6! Each number contrains a certain prize including the Semi-Veto Ability! However, if a number is pick before you, you can not choose that number! We are picking by how well you did in the Head of Mummification competition!

Avery: My two nominees can not win this!

Barry: I have to win the Semi-Veto Ability! The Water Cows need me to do that so that we can backdoor'd one of the Space Cows.

Ruby: Avery, you are first!

Avery: I choose 4!

Ruby: Rebecca, it is your turn!

Rebecca: I choose 5!

Ruby: Van, it is your turn!

Van: #2, please!

Ruby: Sun, please pick a number!

Sun: 3

Ruby: Barry, you may choose either #1 or #6!

Barry: Well, they say that they save the best for last, so I pick #6!

Ruby: This means Roarke, you will choose #1!

Ruby: I will reveal the prizes in order of the numbers! This means I will start with #1, and I will end with #6!

Ruby: Roarke, you have won 5,000 dollars!

Roarke: When Ruby said I won 5,000 dollars, I knew I was in trouble! In this game, people do not like you winning money, and they make you targets!

Ruby: Van, you have won a brand new car!

Ruby: Sun, you have won 2 tickets to go to France!

Sun: When Ruby said I won 2 tickets to go to France, I was like Meh! I already been to France, and it is not the best place! However, if I were to go to China, I would be so excited!

Ruby: Avery, you have won a phone call from home!

Ruby: Rebecca, you have won the privilege to wear a tiger costume for a week!

Rebecca: Dang it!

Ruby: This means Barry has won the Semi-Veto Ability!

Barry: I have won the Veto, and this means the Space Cows will get a slap in the face!

Roarke: Congrats for winning that Veto! Now, we have to confront Avery about his little secret alliance! Let's do that now!

Van: Listen, we know about the Space Cows!

Avery: What the? How do you know about this?

Barry: I heard you guys talking about it in the Red Room!

Avery: Well, that was a dream!

Roarke: No it is not!

Barry: Listen, I am gonna use that mother ******* Veto one of your nominees! You will be forced to choose an ally of yours to be your replacement nominee! That ally would be mummified by the votes of me and the person I would use the Veto on! Plus, do not even ******* try to make a swing vote!

Avery: You *****!

Rebecca: I am so nervous about one of us going home, and one of us will most likely be mummified!

Sun: Well, I am closer to Avery!

Rebecca: Yeah, but part of this game is that you have to get rid of strong threats! Your creator has won competitions last season! I competed in every single competition, and I won 0 of them!

A Voice: Rebecca, please go to the diary room!

*5 minutes later*

Rebecca: Who wants to see my tiger costume?

Barry: Wow!

Rebecca: I feel embarrassed with this Tiger Costume! Why can't I win like a Plasma TV?

*Day 41*

Barry: I am gonna make this quick! I decided to use the Semi-Veto Ability on Van because Nytwng9199 actually thinks that this time Van is going to be mummified! So, Van, please have a seat on the safety couch!

Barry: Avery, since I just veto'd one of your nominations, you must choose a replacement nominee!

Avery: I have decided for.....

Rebecca to be my replacement nominee because I have known Sun longer. They are my two best friends in the house so it was very hard to make this decision!

*Stay tune for Episode 17*