Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Semi-Veto Ability- Episode 18

*Day 44*

Avery: Dang it! I have to sleep in a sleeping all week long!

Sun: Just why you have to open the Room of Decisions?

Avery: Hey, I needed the money!

Sun: I absolutely hate Cold Showers!

Rebecca: Dang it, I want to drink some wine, but guess what? I can't!

Sun: All 3 punishments sucks! No beds, no warm showers, and no drinking! I better win the next Head of Mummification because the H.O.M. bed is the only bed that was not replaced!

Ruby: Hello Roarke!

Roarke: Hey!

Ruby: Do you think winning the 5,000 dollars have part to do with your mummification?

Roarke: In reality, No. I think they really did see me as a strong competitor. I think overplayed my hand.

Ruby: After Mikayla gets out of the hospital, where would your relationship with her go from there?

Roarke: I am really interested in seeing her after she gets out. I'm not saying it is the big "L" or anything, but i think this might be serious.

Ruby: ___ is the only person voted to keep you safe. How does it make you feel?

Roarke: Great! He was always so quiet, I never really paid much attention to him. I feel kinda bad about that now.

Ruby: Well, you are a mummy juror for now! Head back inside to see the H.O.M. competition, and see all the stuff that may help your decision!

Ruby: Welcome this is the Head of Mummification competition! Free from the threat of mummification, the H.O.M. must nominate 2 houseguests for mummification! This competition is ironic because none of these sims has actually won a Head of Mummification this season! However, both of the veteran creators who are competing in this has won at least one Head of Mummification last season! Let's get to the competition!

Ruby: Hello everyone! In this competition, you will experience 3 rounds of questions! The answers are names of the houseguests that have been mummified! In Round 1, there are 3 answers! In Round 2, there are 2 answers! In Round 3, there is only one answer! You will ring your buzzer one at a time! You will then give one answer to the question! If that answer is correct, then you will stay! If it is wrong, then you will be eliminated from the competition! If everyone get their answer right, then the person who didn't ring their buzzer quick enough gets eliminated! Does everyone understands the rules?

Everyone: Yes!

Ruby: Let's begin! Name the 3 people mummified by a non-unanimous vote!

*Barry rings his buzzer first*

Ruby: Barry!

Barry: Roarke!

Ruby: Correct! Next person please!

*Van rings his buzzer next*

Ruby: Van!

Van: Hope!

Ruby: Correct! One more answer!

*Rebecca rings her buzzer next*

Ruby: Rebecca!

Rebecca: Chie!

Ruby: Correcto!

Ruby: This means Sun has been eliminate from the competition!

Sun: Dang it!

*Quiz Score- 6*

Ruby: Next question, please name the two people who went from being Head of Mummification all the way to the next person mummified on this show!

*Rebecca rings her buzzer first*

Ruby: Rebecca!

Rebecca: Logan!

Ruby: You are correct! Next answer please!

*Van rings his buzzer next*

Ruby: Van!

Van: Roarke!

Ruby: That is correct!

Ruby: This means Barry has been eliminated!

Barry: Who I suck at these competitions this season?

*Quiz Score- 6*

Ruby: Rebecca and Van, one of you is about to win Head of Mummification for the first time! The question is Which mummy has went tot the Sims County Jail?

*Van rings his buzzer first*

Ruby: Van!

Van: Kara!

Ruby: Congrats, Van, you are the new Head of Mummification!

Van: I finally won something! It is about dang time! The Space Cows better be kissing my *** this week!

Van: Who wants to see my Head of Mummification room?

Van: It look awesome!

Rebecca: The best H.O.M. room so far!

Barry: I know!

*Day 45*

Van: Can everyone go to the living room please?

Van: As you know, they say Expect the Unexpected! 2 weeks ago, Roarke has open the Room of Decisions! Soon, you guys have to deal with the consequences! For the first time ever in this game, someone will come back to this game! It could be ever Logan, Roarke, or the next person mummified! All that he or she has to do is win a competition on Day 51! He or she will do an unmummification process that will turn human if that person wins it! That person may come back to help you or haunt you! Be warn!

Rebecca: Now this is just great! With this twist, who knows what will happen? My ex-boyfriend come back as a human, and may get rid of me!

If I am mummified this week, and I became the person to turn into a human, that would be great! However, if I was not, then I will very upset!

*Day 46*

Rebecca: Today, I get to take off the Tiger Costume! I want a makeover, because I tired of my black hair with blue highlights!

Avery: You look different Rebecca!

Rebecca: I wanted a makeover!

Rebecca: I love my new makeover! If do not like it, then what is wrong with you?

Van: This is the nominations ceremony! I have decided to nominate...

Sun and Avery because they are both powerful and I think they have an alliance! All I can say is good luck in the Semi-Veto Ability competition!

*Stay tune for Episode 19*