Saturday, July 9, 2011

Blog Changes + Top 5 Songs From The Fame

I have made changes to the blog. I kinda think that this blog will be easier to read now.

Now, for the list: I have done lists with Lady GaGa's previous albums, so why not do her debut album.

5. Poker Face- I know a lot of you expecting this song to be #1, but I really like the song yet I think they are better songs than this in the album!
4. Money Honey- This song is so damn addicting. I could listen to it all day!
3- Paparazzi- It sounds amazing, and I love it!
2- Just Dance- That song was my jam for a while! I used to watch the music video every day! I also like the extended version!
1- Starstruck- My favorite song in the album, it has an awesome rap, and it is very catchy

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