Sunday, July 3, 2011

Blog Updates + Top 3 Songs From The Fame Monster

I have added a View widget, and I add a page for Games! After I make this list, I will make a page with all the lists I have made!

Speaking of lists, I am so sorry that I did not post a list yesterday! Today I am making a list of Top 3 Songs From The Fame Monster!

3. So Happy I Could Die- It is so great, and it has to deal with today society because it has to deal with alcohol which has been kinda used more than it was in the past!
2. Monster- It is so dang catchy! It should been the 3rd single of The Fame Monster instead of Alejandro which was my least favorite song of Lady GaGa (plus the music video is scary)!
1. Bad Romance- It is so awesome! It was my favorite before I heard Born This Way! The music video should of stay #1 before Justina who is a little f*ggot who should of not been in the music business in the first place!

Edit- Added a list page

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