Monday, July 25, 2011


God, I am absolutely can not stand Rachel any more! As of right now, I hate her more than Justina Beiber and Rebecca Black!

Here is reasons why:

1. Her laugh is annoying!

2. She has a VERY UNHEALTHY relationship with Brandon! They rush things, and I will not be surprise if they call off the engagement! Marriage is basically a gamble now because people can get divorces! Brandon cheated on Rachel, and I am very surprised she got back with him! If someone cheated on me, I will not date them, and I would get back with them!

3. She has a poor social game!

4. They say that her fights are an act! I do not believe that!

5. The last luxury competition, she cries like a little baby because she did not get to see Same Name! You can wait next week, or 2 more months to watch that show! It's not like Jordan picked people to get out of jail for life!

6. She wanted to get rid of Cassi over one little thing she said!

7. Would was the person who suggested "Let's bring back Brenchel?" CBS knows America hates them, and they want to see duos like Dan/Memphis, Chilltown, Danielle/Jason, Amy/Marcellas!
If I go to Vegas, and I see her, I would be like this:

And if she won this season, I would be like this:

Last season, she got evicted the week after she won her 2nd HOH competition! Let's hope the same thing happens this season! There is always a power swift in every single season of Big Brother!

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