Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Info On Pets

New items: mechanical bull, vending machines (candy, drinks, and healthy food) and ice cream trucks.
Wild animals: horses (can be tamed), strays (can be adopted), raccoons and deers.
New creature: unicorn. Can start a fire, teleport, cure Sims, bless and curse Sims and plants, and can be released.
Competitions: racing and cross country (beginner, advanced, and international).
New lifetime wishes: jockeys, zoologists, animal rescuers, fairy tale finders, ark builders.
New traits: equestrian, cat person, dog person, animal expert, and animal lover.
Pet traits: likes swimming (dog only), lazy, aggressive, agile (horse only), brave, destructive, fast (horse only), hyper, loyal (dog only), gentle (horse only), hydrophobic (dog only), nervous (horse only), noisy, piggy, playful, proud, skittish, adventurous, clueless, friendly, genius, hunter, independent, neat, non-destructive, mean, quiet, shy, hates jumping (horse only), ornery (horse only), raised by wolves (may be dogs only), and reinforcement.
Tricks: sit, sit up, shake, speak, roll over, play dead. Trick skill.
New skill: riding.
Pet skills: racing and jumping.
New lots: cat jungle, horse ranch, and dog park.
Other pets: ants, birds (blue gold macaw, catalina, macow, cockatoo, congo African gray, crow, falcon, spotted sixam, yellow naped Amazon), lizards (anole lizard, ancient dragon, gecko, chameleon, pygmy komodo dragon, agama lizard, texas spiny lizard), rodents (chinchillas, hedgehogs, squirrels, rats, shrews, womrats), snakes (yellow python, garter snake, emerald tree boa snake, malayan krait snake, yellow chondro python, scarlet king snake, San Francisco garter snake, iridescent shieldtail snake, and mini python), and turtles (barbours map, spotted, eastern box, Indian roofed, red eared slider, pygmy, spiny, and western painted).
New careers: horse(wo)man
Lifetime rewards: pet clone voucher, young again (for pets), steel bladder (for pets), swank pet bed, pet hygienator, vomit immunity, alpha, atomic grazer, best behavior, fearless foal, equine zen, desert pony, friend of the herd, gardener's delight, and lucky mount.
Pets can gain or lose traits.
Horses will nurse from their mother or be bottlefed.
Foals get negative moodlets for being separated from their mothers.
Horses eat carrots.
Pets can exorcise ghosts?
Dogs can swim.
Cats can hunt and fish birds, snakes, turtles, lizards, beetles, fish, and rodents. Dogs can hunt too.
One foal per pregnancy (horses), litters per pregnacy (cats/dogs).
Horses can kick Sims.
Horses have excercise and thirst motives. Dogs have destruction motive.
Pets don't have jobs.
Pets don't receive opportunities.
Pets cannot be placed on vacation lots.
Pets do not have lifetime wishes.
Cat breeds: Black Cat, Grey Striped, Persian, Siamese, Singapura, Russian Blue, Tuxedo.
Dog breeds: Border Collie, Collie, Pug, Dalmatian, Doberman, Poodle, Setter, Dachshund, Bull Dog, Highland Terrier, Pitbull, Shiba Inu, Australian Shepherd, Chow Chow, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Newfoundland, Samoyed, Giant Schnauzer, Siberian Husky, Spaniel Springer, Terrier Airedale, Terrier Kerry Blue.
Horse breeds: American Painted, Friesan, Icelandic, Morgan, Palomino.

Love the New Objects
I do not mind Unicorns! At least someone make a music video on sims with Highway Unicorn! I do not expect that we can turn into an unicorn (can you imagine how painful it will be)
Yay for new competitions
I can predict some of the new lifetime wishes:
Zoologist- Have one pet of each breed
Animal Rescuers- Adopt a lot of strays
Fairy Tale Finders- Have a lot of unicorns
I am definitely changing one of my traits to Dog Person
They need a Coward trait (My dog Nelly is a coward)! My other dog Lucy definitely needs the Reinforcement trait!
I do not really care about the birds/snakes/lizards/other small pets!
I thought the Sims 3 have ants (look at the picnic basket there is ants everywhere)!
Pets can lose traits :o:
It is sad that I can not take my pets to vacation lots! I guess the Base Camps does not allow pets!