Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Thing I Realize About The Exchange

I have look up Big Brother sims! As it turns out, there is a sh*tload of Big Brother 11 sims. Paco1200 made a Natalie sim, badtothebone322 made Jeff and Jordan, some guy had a Ronnie sim (who I mummified), and lots more!

However, no one has the guts to make contestants from other seasons! I know making celebrities are hard, but I expect someone to make a contestant from another season!

I made two Big Brother contestants: EvelDick, and Britney Haynes! I try searching Big Brother 13 on the exchange, but guess what? I got some silly results:

A Girl from Victorious
A caveman
A gogo-girl

Seriously? I know a lot of simmers watch Big Brother! We need these sims on the exchange:
A Daniele Donato
A Janielle
A Cowboy
A Nokomis

With these sims, my life will be complete!

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