Saturday, July 30, 2011

Top 5 Creatures on The Sims 3

I have not really posted a list about The Sims 3! This week I with all 5 creatures (and I will not include Unicorns because Pets is not released)!

Here is my list:

5. Ghosts- There is nothing special about Ghosts! They just walk through walls, and that is just it!
4. Imaginary Friends- They are barely playable! I know that you can make them real, and make them playable! However, I want to play them in their imaginary friend form, and not in a human form!
3. Vampires- Vampires are awesome! They are probably creature to get! The thirst ghost looks awesome! Plus, at least sims do not freak out every time they see a vampire!
2. SimBots- They look very cute! Their needs looks interesting though I do not really imagine a SimBot sleeping in a bed or using a toilet!
1. Mummies- How can I not put this as #1? Mummies are really interesting to play! These are the reasons why I love mummies:

1. They live longer!
2. It is fun way to torture sim without killing them!
3. Mummies in a Hot Tub= Awesome!
4. They are the reason why I have not uninstalled World Adventures!

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