Saturday, July 23, 2011

Top 5 Unreleased Lady GaGa Songs

It's Saturday, so it is time for the list! Today's list is Top 5 Unreleased Lady GaGa Songs! I have done lists of Lady GaGa's previous albums, so why not do this list?

5. Reloaded- It has a nice beat, which reminds me of Paparazzi! It also have a nice rap!

4. Changing Skies- It is freaking awesome though it will be a lot better without the "Burnt with Scoops of Bacon" guy!

3. Greatest- The lyrics are basically repeating, but it is amazing!

2. Earthquake (or Then You'd Love Me)- This was the song where Lady GaGa took some of the words into The Fashion of His Love! It sounds amazing

1. Animal- The song is dang catchy! Lady GaGa should released this as an single is she decides to release an album with this song!

This is Today's list! Stay tune in about a week for the next week!

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