Sunday, July 17, 2011

WTH Is A Favicon? + Top 5 "Duos" In Big Brother

I went to Design, and I saw this:

What the heck is a favicon? Seriously, I never heard this word before, and I do not want to test it out before I know!

Anyway, on to my list:
This season of Big Brother is all about duos, I thought I do a duo list!

5. Jessica and Eric- My 2nd favorite showmance, thought it took forever for them to get together!
4. Dan and Memphis- I was VERY SURPRISE when CBS has not list them in the duo poll! They should of replace Jessie/Natalie or Enzo/Hayden because I do not consider them as duos!
3. Jeff and Jordan- My favorite showmance of all time! They are so genuine and kind together! Plus, they are not anything like Brenchel where they are so mean and they are like making out on Day 5!
2. Laneney- Yes, I made out a couple name for Britney and Lane! There are a bunch of couple names to people who are not even couples! They are so cute together! They also have the best DR entries! Also, if you say that Britney is mean, then do you remember a troll on the forums called jaicee? If you only one of them won the last POV, and they could be at the finale together!
1. The Donatos- They are the best villians on this show! They are also the only villians I like! Dick was so funny in the house when he woke up everyone by smashing pots and pans! It is so sad to see Dick leave the house, but it is good to know everything is okay! It is also good that Danielle has the golden key! I am rooting for Danielle to win Big Brother 13 (I am on the vetrans side)!


  1. It the Icon that appears next to your URL in the URL bar, also next to your favotrites. Like hot The Sims 3 has a plumbob, Facebook has the F in the blue square and blogger has a B in an orange square. :P

  2. Your text color really hurts my eyes!

    Anyway, I haven't really watched Big Brother until season 12 but I really love Jeff and Jordan.
    I also love Britney and Lane together! <3