Monday, August 1, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Semi-Veto Ability- Episode 19

*Day 47*

Ruby: Hello, today's Semi-Veto Ability competition is basically a game of hide and go seek! There is a note hidden in the house! You must find the note! The note will say that you won the Semi-Veto Ability! Go search for it now!

Van: Why are you in the hot tub?

Rebecca: I am searching in the hot tub!

Sun: I doubt the note is in the hot tub!

Rebecca: There's a chance!

Rebecca: It's not there!

Sun: I better check this bookcase!

*Sun looks at the bookcase*

Sun: Nope, it's not there!

Avery: I am looking in every single dresser for the note!

Avery: It does not look like it is in the dresser!

Van: Let me check this bar!

Van: It does not look like it is in this bar! Whatever? I am just gonna enjoy this nice cool drink!

Barry: I am so hungry! I better get something to eat!

Barry: OMG! I found the note! I won the Semi-Veto Ability!

Van: Hey congrats on winning the Semi-Veto Ability! We have complete control of this week!

Barry: I know! However, today, we will have to think our opinions carefully! We can either backdoor Rebecca or keep the nominations the same!

Van: Well, I think backdooring Rebecca will kinda be a bad move in my opinion! She competed in every single competition, and she has not won a single one of them!

Barry: Well, not every single winner of Big Brother is a strong competitor! She may be throwing competitions like Dr. Will did!

Van: You have a point, but Avery and Sun are best friends before Rebecca aligned with them! I am pretty sure if they will take each other to the final 2!

Barry: Well, one thing is that someone is coming back, and that person may be the person who will be mummify this week! Avery is a strong competitor! Grey's creator is also the creator of Sun, and Grey was a strong competitor last season! One of them may come back, and come after us! If Rebecca gets mummified, I do not think that she will win the competition to come back!

Van: You got a point there! However, you got to admit that Logan and Roarke are both strong competitors as well! They both won 2 competitions this season!

Barry: Well, if I decided not to use the Semi-Veto Ability this week, I am gonna try my best to be sure that neither Avery nor Sun will win the competition to get back to the game!

*Day 48*

Barry: This is the Semi-Veto Ability ceremony! I will ask both nominees to give me a speech for a last minute chance to convince me to use the Semi-Veto Ability! Avery, you are first!

Avery: It's your decision, and you can do whatever the **** you want to do with it!

Barry: Sun, your turn!

Sun: Listen, you know someone will come back in the game! I know you guys do not want one of us to be back in the game! If you really do not want one of us to come back in the game, then backdoor Rebecca! She never won a competition, and I doubt that she will win the competition to get back in the game! So, Barry, use the the Semi-Veto Ability to backdoor Rebecca to be sure that Roarke or Logan gets back in the game!

Barry: Sorry, but I have decided not to use the Semi-Veto Ability! It will be a bad move to backdoor Rebecca! You are a best friends from Day 1, and Me/Van need to break you up! Plus, there is a 33% chance that one of you return, which is not a big chance! This ceremony is over!

Rebecca: I can not believe Sun called me out in his speech! We were aligned, and then he threw me under the bus!

Sun: Rebecca, when you see this, I am sorry for calling you out in the Semi-Veto Ability ceremony! I have to be sure I am safe this week!

Barry: I have decided not to use it because I got to take that chance and break up a strong duo in the game! I have to cross my fingers and I hope that neither of them return to the game!

*Stay tune for Episode 20*