Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Semi-Veto Ability- Episode 20

*Day 49*

Barry: Hey Roarke!

Roarke: Hey!

Barry: First of all, it was a big mistake voting to mummify you! The Space Cows made me believe that you were playing both sides, and tomorrow, one of them will get mummified! I got a question, are you still with us?

Roarke: Of course I am!

Barry: Okay, now, you need to be sure that you nominate Rebecca and the space cow who stays this week if you win the competition to get back in the game! Got it?

Roarke: Sure! And in case, I don't, I will give you guys my mummy jury vote if one of you is in the final 2!

Van: We are making sure that Roarke and Logan is on our side to make sure that we control everything!

Van: Listen Logan, you were not even involve in the whole Water Cows vs. Space Cows rivalry! I will let you a deal! If you are the one who will come back in the game as a human, then I will be sure all of us make it to the final 3 together!

Logan: You will seriously do that?

Van: Yeah, just as long as you win the competition, win HOM, and nominate the two people we want to nominate! Got it?

Production: The house is on lockdown! Please stay outside until we say we can come out!

Rebecca: Why did you just skinny-dip in the hot tub?

Van: Because I want to! It's not like we have live feeds or something like that!

*A sound came on saying Meow Meow Meow*

Van: Was that the Nyan Cat?

Avery: Holy ****! He is so ******* annoying! I want to know why does everyone ******* like him!


Van: Oh, what does it say?

Author's Note: I apologize for the text in the picture being suckish! I have a sucky editing tool, and I need to get photoshop soon! Here is what the text said:

This is the Room of Decisons!

You can go inside this room a-

nd something good and some-

thing bad will happen! As He-

ad of Mummification, this is

your decison to make:

Go inside the Room of Deciso-

ns, and you can see a cat mov-


The choice is yours!


Van: Well, I ran into the Room of Decisions, and I did not open it! They were gonna show the Nyan Cat video!

Barry: Thank god you did not open it!

Sun: Aw man, I love Nyan Cat!

Rebecca: Are you serious, Sun?

Sun: Yes I am!

*Rebecca shows a facepalm*

Ruby: Contestants, we are live on Day 50! Someone will start his mummification today, but first, I want to ask a few questions!

Ruby: Rebecca, I have to say nice makeover! Why did you decide to get a makeover?

Rebecca: Because I wanted to look different than I was before! My old makeover is so boring!

Ruby: Van, while the house was on lockdown, you decided to skinny-dipped in the hot tub! Why did you decide to do that knowing that 6 other people will see that?

Van: Well, my body will be blurred on television, and there isn't a Live Feed for this show!

Ruby: Well, maybe we can get a Live Feed for this show! Just kidding!

Ruby: Well, as you guys know, someone will be coming back to the game! Barry, you used the Veto Ability, and got rid of Logan because of it! The person that will come back could be Logan! How does it make you feel?

Barry: Well, I have to do what I have to do to keep me safe, and Logan understands that! However, we on good terms now, and I am not worried!

Ruby: Well, we have no time to waste! It is time to announce the results! The votes are in, and we have a tie! There's 1 vote to mummify Sun, and 1 vote to mummify Avery! Van as Head of Mummification needs to break that tie! Remember, whoever is mummified will have a few seconds to talk to to other contestants, and start his mummification!

Van: I vote to mummify Avery!

Ruby: It's official, the majority of the house decided to vote to mummify Avery!

Avery: You think that you can get rid of me that easily? Well, think again!

Avery: Here you go!

Ruby: Houseguests, let me explain! Last week, Avery open the Room of Decisions! He has been gifted the power of immunity! He must keep this power to yourself, and he can only use this power on yourself! If he is nominated, and he has the majority of the votes to get mummified, Avery will use this power, and the other nominee will get mummified instead of you! Because of the fact Avery used the power this week, all votes that voted for Avery to be mummify goes to Sun! This means by a 3-0,

Sun, you will be mummify soon!

Sun: WTF? Anyway, I will try my hardest to get back in the game as a human! See you later!

Sun: Well that was a slap in the face! I got a feeling that I should of won Head of Mummification last week! Guess I was right?

*Stay tune for Episode 21 which will be a very special episode*