Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Semi-Veto Ability- Episode 21

Barry: Wow, you sure surprised us with the power of immunity!

Avery: I have to do what I have to do in order to make me stay!

Rebecca: 30 minutes before the mummification ceremony, Sun apologize about his statement about me during the Veto Ceremony! Now, I only hope that he make himself turn back into a human!

Barry: Yes we got our beds back!

Van: Thank god we did!

*Day 51*


Rebecca: I am gonna spend almost all day in the Bar Room!

Avery: Ahhhhhhh! I could use a nice warm shower!

Ruby: We are here with Sun's mummification interview! Sun, how surprised are you when Avery used the Power of Immunity?

Sun: I was really surprised... Obviously, Avery wasn't allowed to tell anyone, so I didn't see it coming!

Ruby: How do you think Rebecca and Avery will do without you if you do not win the competition to get back in the game?

Sun: I think they will actually both do pretty good. But it's hard to say when they are against two other strong players just like them! Honestly, I think the winner could be anyone right now... but I definitely think Rebecca or Avery will be able to make it to the Final 2!

Ruby: How confident are you about winning the competition?

Sun: I'm pretty confident... after Turner coming in third last season, I'm in no mood to settle for 5th this season, so I'm really determined to beat the other mummified players who are competing in the competition!

Ruby: Let's see that! Go to the backyard to begin the competition to get back in the game as a human!

Ruby: This competition is a very important competition to win! If you win this, you are gonna go back to the game! In order to win it, you must stay in this tub the longest! However, this tub is not a hot tub! It is more of a cold tub! The temperature will start out at 40 degrees fahrenheit! Every 1200 seconds, the temperature will go down by one degree! Everyone got the rules?
Everyone: Yes!
Ruby: Let's get started now!

Logan: Dang, it's cold!

Sun: I hate the cold! My last name is Summers for crying out loud!

Ruby: The competition starts now! Your fellow houseguests will be watching you in a second!

Rebecca: Come on Sun you can do it!

Avery: LET'S GO SUN!



*1,200 seconds later*

Ruby: The temperature has gone down by one degree! The tub is now 39 degrees!

*4,800 seconds after the competition begin*

Logan: I have heard Unicorns are coming to the Sims!

Roarke: Meh!

Logan: Brrrr.... it is cold! I think I may have to get out!

Roarke: No, don't! Van and Barry are counting on us!

*5,417.4 seconds after the competition begin*

Logan: I'm out! I hate cold weather!

Ruby: The temperature is at 35 degrees! That is temperature is the temperature that will stay until the competition is over!

Rebecca: You know what? It is getting late, and I am gonna go to bed!

Avery: Me too! We'll find out the results in the morning!

*Day 52 morning time*

Roarke: Okay, I am tired, and I want to make a deal with Sun! I will get out of the tub if you promise if you make it to the final 2, you will donate money to the Cancer Research Center!

Sun: Um, okay!

*3,3375.4 seconds after the competition began*

Roarke: I'm out!

Ruby: Congrats, Sun! You are back in the game as a human!

Ruby: Earth to Sun?

*41,294.2 seconds after the competition started*

Ruby: Well, Sun, I got good news! This is a Head of Mummification competition! Because of you won, you will become the next Head of Mummification!

Sun: OMG, that is awesome!

Sun: See you ******* in 24 hours!

*Stay tune for Episode 22*