Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Semi-Veto Ability- Episode 22

Rebecca: Good morning!

Roarke: Good morning!

Rebecca: Who are you again? Sorry, it's hard to tell which mummy is which because they look so similar!

Roarke: I am Roarke!

Rebecca: Wait, that means Sun won the competition to get back in the game!

Roarke: Yes, he is also the Head of Mummification!

Rebecca: I am so happy Sun is back! He can now play as a human again, and he is Head of Mummification!

Barry: I feel so pissed that Roarke lost and Sun won! We were counting on him!

Van: This is just great! The person we do not want to win that competition won!

Barry: I think I am gonna have a little talk with him!

Barry: Why did you have to leave the tub?

Roarke: I made a deal with Sun!

Barry: About what? He can't guarantee you safety!

Roarke: He promised if he makes it to the final 2, he will donate money to the Cancer Research Center!

Barry: Ugh..........

Barry: God, I was counting on Roarke! He made a deal with Sun about him donating money if he makes to the final 2! A lot of deals have been broken in Big Brother, and plus there's a 50% chance that Sun will not make it to the final 2!

*Day 53*

Sun: I'M BACK *******!

Rebecca: Welcome back, Sun!

Roarke: Remember the deal we made Sun!

Sun: In about one hour, I will get to see my Head of Mummification room! Good luck!

Rebecca: Oh god, I got a pimple! I need to pop it!

Van: Ew gross!

Van: I saw Rebecca try to pop a pimple in the bathroom! Never try to pop a pimple! It hurts really bad, and it is gross! Go to a dermatologist to get rid of a pimple!

Sun: This is my H.O.M. room!

Barry: Great, another orange room!

Barry: Every single Head of Mummification room is an orange room since Avery won Head of Mummification! Why does some many people like orange this year? My favorite color is not orange, and I would like to win Head of Mummification next week just to see a non-orange H.O.M. room!

Rebecca: We all know that you are gonna nominate right?

Sun: Well, I pretty much know but first I want to know who voted against me!

Avery: Didn't everyone voted against you with the Power of Immunity?

Sun: Yeah, but if you did not have the Power of Immunity, then one person would of vote to mummify me?

Rebecca: Well, I swear on my brother that I did not vote to mummify you!

Sun: Well, I think I need to have a little talk with Barry!

Van: Do it, Barry! Do it!

Barry: I will!

Barry: This house have been so boring lately! I did to pull a prank to make the house excited!


Rebecca: Holy cow! You scared the **** out of me!

Rebecca: Barry is practical joker! He loves to pull pranks, and he got me!

Sun: Listen, if Avery have not used the Power of Immunity, then I would of gotten one vote to be mummify! I want you to be honest! Were you that person to voted to mummify?

Barry: No! I wanted Avery gone, not you!

Sun: Be honest?

Barry: I am being honest!

Sun: Rebecca swears on her brother that she kept me safe!

Barry: Well, she must of broke that promise because I swear to god I voted to mummify Avery!

Sun: Someone must of been lying!

Sun: Either Rebecca or Barry is a liar! One of them swears that he or she voted to mummify Avery which one of them didn't!

Sun: This is the nominations ceremony! It is my job this week to nominate 2 people for mummification! I have decided to nominate Barry and Van for mummification because at this point in the game, it's becoming crucial to eliminate players who could beat you, and I really think you two have the potiental to win, so I have to nominate you! I hope you take this as a compliment! I also wish you good luck in the Veto!

*Stay tune for Episode 23*

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