Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Semi-Veto Ability- Episode 22

*Day 56*

Ruby: Time for the Veto competition! The winner of this will guarantee a spot in the final 4 where he or she will compete in the most important Semi-Veto Ability competition! All humans head out to the backyard!

Ruby: 56 days in the game, and you all have been through a lot of competitions! In this competition, you have reface 4 of the competitions that happen in this game!

Ruby: This was the competition where Sun got back in the game! Now, everyone of you guys will compete in it! Whoever gets out first will be eliminated! Everyone get in now!

Rebecca: Van, why are you always skinny-dipping?

Van: Because I want to!

Sun: Um, okay!

Avery: I'm getting out! There is no way I want to compete in these competitions!

Quiz Score- DQ (2 more stuff that is not turn in by Avery means that Avery will have to face a forced removal from game, and will not be a mummy juror)

*At the final round, Barry has been eliminated in Round 2, and Sun has been eliminated in Round 3)

Ruby: This is the final round! This competition was similar to the first Veto that Barry won! I ask you to pick a number between 1 and 2! One number can let win this Veto, and one number will make you go through a punishment! Pick your numbers wisely!

Van: I choose #2!

Rebecca: I choose #1!

Ruby: The person who won the Veto is Van! Rebecca as a punishment for choosing the wrong number, you will have to go through 24 hours of solitary confinement!

Rebecca: Oh lord!

Ruby: Remember, the Veto Ceremony will be tomorrow! I am sure you know what to do, Van!


*Day 57*

Van: This is the Semi-Veto Ability ceremony! Here I can either save myself, or my friend Barry on the block! I like to give Barry a last minute chance to explain to me why I should use the veto on him!

Barry: Van, you know what is best for you! You got to use it on yourself no matter what! I know you want to be in the final 4, and so you have to use the Veto on yourself!

Van: I have decided to use the Semi-Veto Ability on myself!

Van: Sun, since I just veto'd one of your nominations, you need to choose a replacement nominee!

Sun: Well, there is only two people I could put up, and so I flipped a coin to decide! I'm sorry, but I choose to nominate.......

Rebecca for mummification!

*Stay tune for Episode 23*