Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Semi-Veto Ability- Episode 25

Ruby: Hello, Barry, we are live on Day 60! I got a couple of questions! You beat Mark's (who was your creator's sim last season) record in this show! Why did you think you lasted longer than Mark?

Barry: I did? Wow! Well, Mark is already a celebrity, and he had won CBB in the UK in 2002! How was he ment to win this? This was totally out of his comfort zone with all the mummies, and stuff. It was Robs idea to put him in! which explains a lot!

Ruby: Do you think Van will able to win against all of the 3 Space Cows?

Barry: Van's definitely got a chance. I think there's cracks in the space cows.

Ruby: Without revealing your mummy jury vote, who do you think is gonna win this season of The Battle Against Mummification?

Barry: Grey was strong last year. Sun could be this year, but like i said the space cows aren't looking to good to me. I think one of them might be in for an unlucky surprise.

Ruby: Well, you are a mummy juror this season, so head back inside to observe the other houseguests. We will find out who will win this all-important Head of Mummification battle.

Ruby: This H.O.M. competition is a very important competition! This competition will guarantee the winner a spot in the final 3 where he or she will compete the most important Head of Mummification competition. Let's get it started!

Ruby: Houseguests, welcome to the Head of Mummification competition! I will ask questions about your experience! The answers are either before or after! If you think the answer is after, you turn your answering booth green! If you think it is before, you turn your answering booth red! If you get that question right, you earn a point! If you get it wrong, you earn no points for that round! The person with the most points will win! The competition begins now! On Day 1, when you guys made introductions, Logan made his introduction before or after Hope did!

Ruby: The correct answer is Before! Van has earn a point, while Rebecca and Avery did not earn a point! Let's move on!

Ruby: Let it looks like Rebecca has 0 points, Avery has 1 point, and Van has 10 points.

Ruby: Congrats Van! You won this Head of Mummification. You are going to the final 3.

(Please note that Van got 4 extra points in the quiz for being the first person to turn it in. Without the extra points, he got a 6. 6 +4= 10. HE DID NOT GET A PERFECT SCORE.)


Sun: Ugh, why did Van have to win?

Avery: I know, right?

Sun: You guys terrible! If I were able to compete in this, I would so win this.

Sun: I feel so MAD that Van won. I wish I could time travel to the week where Van was nominated for the first time, and I vote his *** off! This will prevent him from winning this week's Head of Mummification. This week is gonna be a long week. By Day 66, one of the Space Cows will be gone FOR GOOD. There won't be a twist where someone comes back.

Van: Who wants to see my H.O.M. room?

Van: It looks great!

Avery: Oh yes it does!

Avery: Seeing Van's H.O.M. room is liking seeing a concert of your least favorite singer. This week is not gonna be a good week for me and my alliance.

*Day 61*

Rebecca: Tomorrow is the day of the nominations. I have to make some sort of deal with Van.

Van: What's brings you here Rebecca?

Rebecca: Listen, I want you to consider something. If you take me to the final 2, then you will probably win. I have competed in every single competition, and I have won 0 of them. I do have a social game, but competition wins I do not have.

Van: Well, you know Cowboy from Big Brother 5? He was a weak competitor, yet he won the most important Veto competition. He only needed one jury vote to win.

Rebecca: Well, I know that, but Cowboy winning that competition is like a miracle win.

Van: He also won Part 2 in the final H.O.H. competition.

Rebecca: Yeah, but that was because Diane was stuck on that question. The thing is that I probably won't win the final Veto nor any part in the H.O.H. competition. It will be a surprise if I won.

Van: Hmmmm...... I will think about it.

Van: Rebecca has gave me some good stuff. I am on my own here, and I have to look-out for myself.

(The Nominations ceremony is about to begin, please play the music, and continue on)

Rebecca: Today is the day of the nominations ceremony. I hope Van keeps his deal with me.

Sun: I am not feeling good about the nominations ceremony. I am nominated Van last week, so he may nominate me because of that.

Avery: If I nominated, I won't really care. This week's veto is the one thing that matters to me. I have to fight out for myself because the person my alliance wants to get rid of this week can't be eliminated this week.

Van: One of my duties as Head of Mummification is nominate two people for mummification. I am kinda nervous because if I keep my word to Rebecca, it may backfire on me.

Van: This is the nominations ceremony. I am on my own since Barry is no longer human. I need to look out for myself! I have decided to nominate....

Van: Sun and Avery! I need one of the space cows to go this week, and I personally want either one of you gone. I have to Good luck in the Veto. This ceremony is adjourned.

*Stay tune for Episode 26*